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  1. Oh shush you.But, you do raise a good point.For this, I shall use The Binding of Isaac as an example.I have been playing this game for just under two weeks now. However, I have completed the entire story, unlocked most of the items, and am currently playing it purely to get Platinum God. Why? Because it's enjoyable.The reason why it's enjoyable is because it makes you feel good that you did something.Let us also look at another game, also by Edmund McMillen. Super Meat Boy. An extremely tough platformer where you die a craptonne and a half times. It is the very definition of hardcore, and yet it's achieved such great scores. This is because, after slaving away at that single dark level for a good quarter of an hour or so, you finally finish it within an A+ time, and you feel magnificent.I guess what I'm trying to say is, don't make the game easier. Make it harder. A game of survival is just that - surviving. Surviving and living a luxury life are two very different things, and many players can easily get to the latter after a few tries. But by making the game harder - not at the very start, but keeping it at an exponential increase - people will be proud of their efforts to survive. The dark will make their heart race, and the morning will bring a silly grin onto the player's face. Sure, it may mean that people will die a LOT more at the start, but that's okay. As an avid player of Super Meat Boy and the Binding of Isaac, I can say with confidence that I have died a heck of a lot more than I have in any other games combined. But I learned, and so my achievements as I slowly got better made me like the game more and more.So, in conclusion, and for those who think 'TL;DR', Make the game harder, not easier, because by doing so, people will feel that they achieved something, and that will make them feel good.
  2. Good man Whismy, too bad I can't add reputation to you yet.

  3. Wayland sounds like a great idea, and I would love to see him implemented. MilleniumCount's artwork suits him perfectly, in my opinion. I especially like Wayland's hair. It fits the sociopath title perfectly.
  4. I've been living as a vegetarian in my current run due to not wanting to encounter Krampus (At least he's not as bad as The Binding of Isaac Krampus?), but it relieves me to know that it would take a fair bit of time before I would be interrupted by him if I were to go and hunt animals again.
  5. I don't know about you, but I'd love to see a gif of a moonwalking Tallbird. In any case, with the fact that they respawn, you may have accidentally found out a good way to farm Tallbirds. Hit them once or twice, kite them to a bridge, have then get stuck, then whack at then until they die. Because they would have already taken damage from one or two hits, they should be able to go down before they attack. Maybe.