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  1. OMG YES!!! That Handsome devil talking back, I can see it now
  2. I found that if the hive doesn't have bees coming out of it, hit once, catch 1 killer bee and then run from the rest, those 5 KB's will return to the nest and become yellow bee's
  3. Could you get a screenshot of this the next time it happens? That would help Devs to try and analyse it. What I think is happening is to do with the new turf update, the devs stop the Player from walking on water, but animals can now do it since they can't distinguish between the types of terrain and that includes the ocean, just my idea of what could be happening
  4. I don't know enough about the chrome version and how the saves work/where they are stored. However, if I was to guess, on the computer you have your save on, find the save location and copy that onto a flashdrive (USB) then paste it into the same directory you found it in but on the different computer
  5. I know I am not a mod/dev but a few more details might be needed, such as are the dogs trapped on the water area? Are they targetable? And are they able to cross back onto normal terrain. This sounds to me like the spawning code for dogs has been tweaked changing the 'if' statement for when the dog is meant to spawn over water to change the spawn.
  6. I was able to recover my save by putting it into the userdata folder, opening steam, changing to offline mode and now my game has loaded without issues. However, I lost the day 30 or so game and world I had which disappeared without me grabbing a save of it while I was on holiday. Also yet again research points have reset to 0 with nothing researched :S (and characters which I had all unlocked so I can't change to Wolfgang which I was about to do since I had a few meat effigies and some beard hair to make more if I felt like it so I was going to swap to Wolfang, because comeon he has the best lines in the game so far!) Anyway I can get it to recognise I have the characters unlocked? Will dying then reputting the save in do it? or will that start this all over again?
  7. Ok, so what do you suggest? The Saves have been working for me up until I went away. Do I go back into Offline mode and try swapping the saves around? Will the new system allow me to load up my old saves into the system?
  8. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Crash] Platform SteamVersion Number 71214 Issue title Saves are disappearing and resetting data Steps to reproduce Open game, play game, saves, close, reopen saved game is gone, no characters unlocked and research points reset Describe your issue I have been on holiday the last week and I came across an issue, I loaded my game and the continue was gone, I keep saves of about 4 different worlds so that I can swap and play different maps that I have when I feel like a change of pace, 3 are past day 100. On the world I was playing I was at day 237 doing really well, because I was on holidays steam was in offline mode so that I could play without the internet. I went in to Don't Starve and wasn't able to find my continue, so I tried to start a new game, same map that I had been on but everything reset, the works, I tried restoring from the most recent save file I had of that game and it now doesn't even have the old continue button and when I start a new game this time everything is reset. So I decided to start a new game, since support was out of reach while I was at the beach. I get home and update the game, log in to find that the game I had been playing the last 7 days has been deleted, Very unhappy as the saves represent over 50 hours of gameplay and the new world I had put in another 8 hours or so working from scratch with nothing researched. ?How can I fix this so that I can play all my worlds again and access my new world which I don't have a save for?
  9. I won't do the fancy broken up reply I did last time just a wall of text like you gave me. I can kite just fine, there but when you are at day 196 (I'm only on 183 but I don't think there is much difference(Strictly speaking it is 1hour and 44minutes)) The hounds when you get a big wave will push each other forwards so that you can't do 2 things, have time to use your reed pipe, and time to us a sleeping dart without being chain hit down to death. To combat the later waves of hounds you require the armor to turn around and hit once while dealing with the possible chain hits and the damage the hounds do. Also I seem to be rather confused by what you are saying tbh, I mean I can kite I do it all the time, but when confronted with this,(pic below) how would you deal with it without armor equipped? Now yes blah blah blah equip spider hat blah blah blah can be said but thats not a challenge or fun. With the leaping spiders you cannot hope to run in and kill a queen outright without armor, and that is the fun part. I love that you call me a hyper turtle because I called you one, it is amusing, I mean I like my base I have set up, its cosy, but I don't sit there all day, I farm spider nests, waiting for them to turn into queens killing them because they are fun then repeating the process. If there is nothing on your island because things are in short supply you lucked out on your world and you can look forward to the messed up spawns of the new map generation that I am avoiding. So to correct you, I don't turtle what so ever at the moment. I don't know how you can possibly claim you don't when you have amassed an entire chest filled with pigskin without turtling. Your last line made me laugh a little, the idea of bringing telekinesis into the game should be suggested to Kevin. Let me know when its implemented
  10. Lowering damage you take? Pretty obvious This is the exact reason that pigs spawn less often now, people like you were abusing the system and not playing the game right. Go out and find some in your world, thats what you use the football helmet for Play the game properly so its fun, not the grinding way you are playing it and you may find it more fun You are completely wrong here. The way you are playing the game is cowardly IMO. You are choosing to hole up with your meat Effigies and farms and not go exploring and not fight monsters. I challenge you to fight a tentacle 1 on 1 without any armor. As for those who can't fight, what are you on about? The new warrior spiders leap at you and don't take stuns. How else do you suggest mitigating that damage when you are fighting a spider nest? Ohh wait you wouldn't because you would be doing nothing with your pig houses everywhere complaining everything is so boring. Well as great as that is, I think the true drop rate is slightly lower. And I can't wait for when some form of food spoilage, expiry is introduced to make exploration a necessary thing and try and stop this hyper turtling that you are doing. Urgh you have no idea how annoyed your post made me!
  11. I got 5 or so on one little island, spider queens that is. I walked through my level 3 spider farms I had set up and was greeted by spider queens forming around me, funny though all the nests had shrunk or so I thought. Nek minnit I am running from 30+ spiders and the queens
  12. I have killed 2 optimus pines and 4 normal treeguards. And I have 2 wandering around my map atm Day 150 but they seem common enough for me
  13. I'm at 66 hours and find it quite amusing the notion that the game loses replay value. I can't wait till seasons and more structures and more replay value comes into the game. In the mean time I am happy to farm and build my base up slowly, going on adventures with pigs and smallbirds into the swamp and coming back with 9 tentacle spikes and some spots
  14. yeah like 150 morsels or something annoying, I already had stocked 80 or so and have 2 chests full of meat and one of honey enough to make 360 honeyed ham