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  1. DJoyzM : Well I had extra space, so I thought I may as well As for the recipe guide, I agree. I keep hoping more recipes will come with each patch! There a few obvious ones that should be there I think like jam! (Roasted berries... this makes no sense!!) ScienceMachine : Oh, that's le suck. I mean, I after making every hat and having a fully self sustaining camp, this was the funniest thing to do! Aerow : Me too! The dev have talked about an insanity meter. I always thought eating too much of the same thing should drive you insane faster! Toaster Fu : I did find a lot of them, but when I decided I wanted to do them all I had to look at threads. It still took me a long time! I have very few tallbirds on my map and I wasted 3 eggs before I realized butter and butterfly wings were 2 different things XD Then went on to kill about 40 butterflies over 3 days before I got a damn butter!!! 501105 : Hell naw! This is my prized collection! I have a hat collection too that decorates my camp and sometimes I'll be missing a pig skin to make a new helmet and I'll risk dying rather than mess up the collection haha. Anyways I also have 2 other chests filled with honey ham so, meaty stew and ratatouille... =P
  2. Ok, this is probably not gonna impress anyone, but it was a nice personal challenge =P All of them. In alphabetical order. In 2 chests.
  3. I've tried 3 different maps so far for a a minimum of 50 days on each and all I got was 9 & 12 style maps. I would KILL to get one like 10 omg !!! If I knew it was possible I'd just keep restarting untill I'd get that... If I wasn't so advanced in my current game I'd start over...
  4. I had 2 mandrakes following me to my camp, I was hoping they're reproduce... I think if you get 2 mandrakes together they should make baby mandrakes every few days if you pull them at night to ... you know... let them play! It's unfair we only get 3-4 per map and they don't respawn!
  5. I used it again to get back into the character that hatched them, but they still won't follow me anymore
  6. I used the tent. My flock don't recognize me anymore ;___;
  7. Fill a chest with all different recepies.
  8. Yes, I made a suggestion post about it. In the same line of ideas here there is also digging and hammering. I destroyed a crock pot once because I hammered too many times! I think all "negative" actions should be a right click. Attacking also. I had an instance where I wanted to pick up the poop next to a pig and I attacked it instead...
  9. Hello! So, I'm having a hard time with Tallbirds at the moment... When they stop chasing you, tallbird will go back to their nest... in a straight line. The only way I found of getting rid of a chasing tallbird ( considering I don't want to kill it ) is to enter a path with a nice angle so it'll get stuck on the ledge. On my last attempt this failed and I had to drag the tallbirds down an island and they eventually gave up. Problem is, they are stuck there. Since they are trying to get to their nest in a straight line and the path between island is a diagonal, they keep moon walking on the ledge. I tried to get close to them, they do that taurus thing, but they turn around and keep moon walking. If I attack them to get them to follow me, they'll kill my baby bird and of course, you all know how unfortunate that would be. 1. Am I doing something wrong? 2. Considering the tallbirds don't respawn, shouldn't they make sure they don't leave their island at least? 3. Could they change their AI so they can get back to their nest from everywhere?
  10. Do not!!! Last time I did that, I ended up burning my entire grass crop ... ;___;
  11. Very good point, I was thinking the same thing. - - - Updated - - - Very good point, I was thinking the same thing.
  12. Oh how I feel you!! The thing is, on day 14-ish you will have a meat effigy, so just be careful until then... Have you also discovered flutes are ******* useless because monster-pigs will kill you before you can blow in it?
  13. (I apologize in advance if this has been posted before, checked the first page but not all posts) I don't know for others, but it happened a few times that I attacked a creature while trying to pick up something close. My death on my longest streak happened that way. I was trying to feed flowers to a pig ( there were 5 of them stuck in a corner) and I accidentally dropped the flowers and attacked the pig, they all swarmed me and I died. On my first game this also happened with a beefalo, trying to pick up manure... Also, after DAYS of waiting, I finally grew a pumkin. Excited like a little girl, I was finally able to make a creepy lantern, so I put it on the floor to see what it looks like, when I went to pick it up (I still had my net equipped) I saw (too late) the LMB said "attack" and I smashed it ;___; I think I had similar issues with the hammer as well. Thankful my chest can resist more than one hammer hit... !!! So yeah, I think all those issues could have been avoided if attacks (and/or "negative" actions such as hammering) where only made with RMB. Thank you!