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wormhole in cave

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Never saw it before so will guess it's new to RoG or is mod-enabled. 

Im on PS4 so no mods enabled 


I've never seen that before either. Is that a Default+ thing...? 

Ive always played default plus an never had this. Although i do get islands on overworld sometimes with wormholes leading to it. I do believe its a glitch after researching a bit. 


Did you try feeding it something? Eventhough I know it's more or less a perfectly fine thing, I wouldn't jump in that one.

Too late. As soon as i seen it i jumped in. check screenshot- never fed it anything except wigfrid lol


Must be a rare glitch. A pretty awesome rare glitch.

Yes, i was excited when i first seen it, i was like OMG to my buddy in party chat, a wormhole in my cave!



Also another note to add- ive since continued my travel through teleportato and am no longer in this world. I also can upload a SS of my world with an island if anyones interested.

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