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  1. [Exploit] - Obstacle physics trap and blockade

    A demonstration with trees.
  2. [Exploit] - Obstacle physics trap and blockade

    Not a mod ... yet. I just put together a script and ran it.
  3. [Exploit] - Obstacle physics trap and blockade

    On my server: On a public server:
  4. Bug Submission: Category: Exploit Issue Title: Obstacle physics trap and blockade Issue Description: Server does not check whether a prefab placement is valid. I can use a client-only mod to bypass the prefab placement restriction, and create impassable traps and blockades. Steps to Reproduce: Example: 1. GLOBAL.AllRecipes["firepit"].min_spacing = a_very_small_value 2. Place fire pits very close to each other. 3. Form a blockade.
  5. Don't Starve Together: More Maps

    Those are an incredibly creative piece of work. I especially like the biosphere map. I have a suggestion: spiderden doesn't seem to exist outside the spider-forest biome, which makes silk very difficult to obtain at the beginning. Can you add some spiderdens in other biomes too. (I'm reluctant to set spiders to "more") I couldn't find any clockwork setpiece either.
  6. I suggest making compass a consumable. Consuming a compass permanently "upgrade" your map or UI. Forget the mods, north should be official.
  7. The current system makes more sense as self-resurrection by meat effigy is discouraged (builder losses health permanently, and may not have the chance to use it), while team-resurrection by tell-tale heart punishes the receiver. However, you can still ask friends who don't play DST to build meat effigies for you, then they disconnect for good. To fix this exploit, I think we should only allow using a meat effigy if its builder is currently playing.
  8. Will it run?

    Yes. It runs on my Macbook-2013 (lowest spec) fine.
  9. I find old bells super ineffective against giants. They almost instantly wake up or thaw and dodge the incoming attacks, whether I ring the bells before or after putting them to sleep, or freezing them. Kiting works way better. Dragonfly is ridiculously tough compared to other giants. Maxfrail vs dragonfly in melee is a mission impossible. It can destroy my brand new thulecite crown and is still flying.
  10. The Hardest Season: Winter or Summer?

    I find tree shades effective only during the first two days in the summer. It may prevent overheating the first day, and significantly delay overheating the second day. After that, you are toasted with trees or without, if you are not bringing proper gears. Wetness works in a similar fashion.
  11. Maz' Don't Starve Art

    Wigfrid is awesome.
  12. I don't want people killing themselves or die meaningless death and waste resurrection items. Living players should decide how those resources can be used.
  13. Webber and Wigfrid

    Watch out for fire hazard and red hounds. I tend to clean up the entire area, some distance away from my base and farms, before placing the dens. Make sure there is no flammable objects including flowers around. You only need 2-4 permanent dens to survive. Poorly positioned ones (too close to your farm, etc) tend to do more harm than good.
  14. Will the hound attacks get up-scaled or increase in frequency with the number of players playing? Do players share waves or they get their own?
  15. Webber and Wigfrid

    Spiders. Lots of spiders (from well positioned spider dens, of course). Spiders are hunger/sanity/health all-in-one pack for Wigfrid, and expendable soldiers for Webber, too.