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  1. Best developers ever. Can anyone imagine where they will be 5,10 years from now. Never let the DS/DST IP die. I will be a fan for life.
  2. Have to say, as a console player, feeling rather left behind in this game for so long, it led me to take a break. When we got skipped on winters feast after having hallowed nights for 6 months, I played Year of the Varg and took my hiatus. Im loving that we are starting to get the love back weve deserved. This is my all time favorite game, love to see it still going strong. Was so giddy when i read that we get it at the same time. Also seen that skins is integral to you guys staying ahead on new content so looks like ill be making some purchases. Glad to come back to see an action packed 2019 road map. Thanks for this game, its amazing.
  3. Is this persisting? Haven't had a chance to play yet, and i hope we dont have crash problems.
  4. Been an avid adorer of dont starve since it was a free ps plus game. Bought and loved every dlc day of release, as well with dst. This is an amazing underrated game. I understand the development team has their priorities, i have really been upset since Christmas when we didn't get winters feast, and waited very impatiently since for this update. I just got on and seen the update download, so came here to say thanks. Better late then never, but im the guy who wants details in these updates as to what we actually got. Do we have the pc version or close-to the pc version of the winters feast if we make a winters feast world, or do we wait til this coming Christmas for that? I really want to play that. Also, is this year of the varg the same as pc version? So i can just go to that section to see what was added or are we short changed on some of that content? I know i should just go play to see but i cant play til my kids asleep so can someone enlighten me on the details of what to expect, farm, and look out for, or go for? Thanks again Klei. I love you guys.
  5. Hey Peter is this not coming to ps4? As of now only thing added was the chest and item skins, nothing else. The pig king still giving candy and Halloween loading screens still active. Just wondering as we haven't heard anything in ps4 forum and it seems like a small piece of the event was added.
  6. Just wondering for us ps4 players, are we not getting this update? It seems as if we got a dumbed down version of winters feast right now, with no winter foods, no tree planters, nothing that would even lead you to believe winters feast is active. Nothing aside from the free temporary skins of a chest and a few clothing items. i would be so excited for just regular winters feast