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Right now everything that affects the world (wildfires, giants spawning...) happens around the player but with multiplayer how would this work? Would things happen around every player? If the players separate in summer would it mean four times the wildfires?

I think this could be a good time to implement global events, so the world can be seen as something alive and indifferent to the player.




I suggest something like a "danger zone" that moves along the time of day like this:


At the beginning of the day



At midday



Objects caught in this line have a chance of spontaneous combustion, if they are players nearby it will work like now, with smouldering and extinguishing but if there isn't any player who could get there in time to see it burn the object will just disappear.

This would cause a gradual shortage of resources like in the single player mode but more exaggerated, so it would be nice to have plants growing in spring but that is a suggestion for another thread.




One thing that I don't like about giants is that they seem to be affected too much by the players, the biggest example been that when they begin to spawn the player can move anywhere and the giant will appear there. This doesn't make any sense (even by don't starve standards), can be used to easily move away a giant and in multiplayer this would be very confusing since the giants just teleports between players.


To solve this I would suggest having the giant spawn in a place away from players and then he would move from food source to food source, for example: the bearguer could go from a berry bush field to a beehive, then to a savannah and kill some beefalos, then to a player base and pillage his icebox...



The warning sounds would play as usual but if the player moves away from the treat he can avoid it completely or alternatively if the player hears it in his camp he cant avoid the hungry bearguer by moving away. If they are no players when the bearguer arrives to his destination then he will just wait for a certain amount of time and then move to his next food source.


The Goose/Moose would just go to a place with plenty of food for his moslings and create a nest, the deerclops would move randomly trough the map, destroying structures if he finds them and the dragonfly would prefer forests and player bases, whatever has more combustible objects.


Frog rain


Right now the frogs only fall around the player, witch wouldn't work in multiplayer but having frogs everywhere would also be bad so I suggest an "area" of frog rain, something like this:



 Each circle would be an area of frog spawning, if nobody goes near it the frogs they will just wait un-spawned and their numbers would decrease exponentially in summer, actually it would be interesting if summer could kill frogs in general, that would help to reduce their numbers after a harsh spring.


Pengulls could also work like this.



Has anyone thought about this? Do you think this could be interesting or useless?


EDIT: Dammit, the title is supposed to be "Global events" can a mod change it?

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those are some great ideas. I would also want to see it in singleplayer(if possible). Would reduce that feeling that, "if I'm not here, nothing will happen to it"

Edit: just re-read the wildfire part, and I think that it should still be set on fire, both so that ice fling-o-matics can extinguish it, preventing undeserved base damage, and so that it may set other stuff on fire, dealing deserved base damage.

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