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  1. I think he means that if you put eggs on a ice box and they rot you get nothing because rotten eggs cant go there and dissapear when created.
  2. Superstitions?

    I have to store the nightmare fuel in a chest, even if is technically unnecessary I feel uneasy having it lying on the ground.
  3. Yeah, its terrible! How dare they add something that many people would like! Is your game after all! Seriously, what's the big deal with this? I personally won't use it frequently but there is so much you can add to the game before it gets overflow with useless things, this is the most logical step.
  4. Bunnies fall from earthquakes? Awesome
  5. I did it

    I once managed to get three gnomes in a normal game. They were kidnapped by moles.
  6. Art by Angelina Frost

    Seem promising but, I hope this won't offend you, doesn't Wilson look very feminine?
  7. Summer work, I don't know why but I just love it. Why don't you create a poll?
  8. So today?Imminent?

    A pesar de mis intentos el post ha descarrilado completamente. Me gustaría explicar que usando el traductor de google el español suena extraño, es muy distinguible para un nativo como yo.
  9. So today?Imminent?

    Well, it is the official release, it must have some relevance.
  10. So today?Imminent?

    Bueno, al final acabas aprendiendo ingles por la fuerza para poder encontrar la mejores cosas, tampoco me siento muy orgulloso de mi propia nación. Y creo que deberíamos dejar de descarrilar este post, los moderadores van a empezar a mosquearse.
  11. So today?Imminent?

    ¡Maldición! Los franchutes estan más extendidos de lo que esperaba.
  12. Don't Starve Comics

    He is a monster, probably he'll just hang around and steal food from time to time.
  13. So today?Imminent?

    ¿Alguien quiere hablar español? Vamos a quedar mal frente a los franceses.
  14. FullmetalDevil Don't Starve art :)

    Well, I guess I could print them on a canvas and hang them on a wall.