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  1. I think you fought the multiplayer idea so much you cant bare to see the word hahahaha jk. Im not sure I like or dislike the idea of it being a ...a different game, like I have dont starve AND dont starve together , but I guess this just makes it more special and unique , as dont starve always been. What I REALLY want to see now is the story of Maxwell and Charlie, I mean ...I want to SEE Charlie
  2. Nonetheless your comment was rude, because , anyway , he might have gotten his key by now... What was the point in laughing at him? People can live like **** and still want to play a game to distract themselves, dont you think so?
  3. Don't be mean, we have no idea what he is going through ok? And maybe he meant when he will be able to play dst cause he already has ds...
  4. ???...You were about to die... Thats why you left. Coward.
  5. Id recommend getting checked by a psychologist. That laugh. And I love how you try to **** with dont starve and in the end you were gonna die... I loved that part
  6. I have people saying it was you and that you streamed it.
  7. If it was you I honestly hope you die. HAHA jk. I just hope karma falls on you. Edit: I wish I could haunt a skeleton to posses it for a short period of time and become wilton and get out ... If you're playing a girl your name is wiltona...
  8. Yeah I know that strategy (it just comes natural...). I might be a little rusty though . My pigs saved me though, I think I had 4...I think that they were enough to kill those spiders. Now I just feel bad for betraying them :/
  9. I will admit that its been a long time since i played ds (just came back a little ago with dst). And I think that YEAH, you could kite a tier 2 spider nest...but a tier 3 nest spawns 3 warriors :/ Sometimes you just have to tank the damage , that's my opinion. Its easy to make a single mistake in your grind
  10. Today I was playing single player and I gathered some pigs to go for a tier 3 spider nest (no queen) and I couldnt really kite the warrior spiders , and i was afraid all those spiders would kill my pigs, so I jumped in the fight with a log suit and a spear and survived... My point is I think you cant always kite... single enemies like a treeguard, ok, they are easy, even 3 spiders... but not so many as in a 2 tier nest, where one of them jumps at you... Btw , after this i went a little greedy and started killing my pigs for pig skin :/ . Thats where it all went downhill haha
  11. Well, in the client it says next update inminent...So we just have to wait to know that. On that note, I can't wait.
  12. Im sorry but this poll just confuses me . Maybe all this options should be on DST?... Maybe like in MC when theres no pvp for 10 minutes for people to gather resources but then its activated? Where would this option fall under?
  13. I do like the idea of a grave and a ritual to resurrect a player, though that may take time. Yay for zombies ^^
  14. Yes!!!!!!!!!!! IM SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES YES YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Im coming back to dont starve , and OMG Since I bought it I was like: "Ugh omg this would be perfect with co op or mp" YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS I can't wait to be the Wendy or Wes of a group !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UGH YES haha !!! AND YES I CANT WAIT TO SEE HOW YOU WORK OUT THINGS LIKE WHEN SOMEONE DIES IF THERES A WAY TO RESURRECT THEM OR NOT OR WHATEVER BUT IM SO HAPPY