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100 Hours!

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Congrats! I guess you bought the game 2 weeks ago.


I Bought the game in November 2012, but... yeah i haven't played it so much until the Insanity update, and after that i haven't been able to play it because of school and bad bad bad pc :C

But now i'm able to play it again, And FOR EVER! :grin:


Ps: I bought two don't starve copy at 11 Euros, it was in beta, i think ^^

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I got my game around a month ago and have nearly clocked 110 hours.....*cries*

Fun, they said, somewhat addictive, they said. Screw them all. ALL.

I'm doomed when multiplayer comes out..... I might have to force myself off this game like I did TF2......*crawls up in patheticness*

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