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How I'm download the DLC NO-STEAM

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Did you even read the FAQ?

It said you must have steam for the DLC at the molment. The humble widget also gives you the CD key for Steam plus a Steam Account is free and it's $15.00 so I'm pretty sure you could get it from minimum wage.

Also not to be a Grammar Nazi but it's Klei, not Kley.

Why do you need the DLC anyway, are you becoming impatient or like I said before, did you forget to read the FAQ.

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According to GOG.com, the DLC will be available on May 30th for the standalone version of the game.

and I'd also like to add that the GOG.com version doesn't come with a Steam key (for anyone that doesn't already know that :) )

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At this point of the beta, the Reign of Giants expansion is only available on the Steam version of Don't Starve. The expansion is coming to the DRM-free version of the game as well; most likely when Reign of Giants fully launches.


In the meantime, your original Don't Starve purchase (using the Humble widget) gives you access to both the Steam and standalone versions of the game. If you go back to your Humble page where you got your game key, you should be able to activate that key and install Don't Starve on Steam.


More info here: https://kleisupport.desk.com/customer/portal/articles/649568

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