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  1. You're good and your sentence is understandable. English is not my first language too. By the way, I'm afraid we are off-topic. Feel free to send me a message, though. ー( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
  2. いいえ。冗談言っている。。。でも、日本に住んでいます。 Thanks, I added the info.
  3. Do you guys think I should put all the DLC new items and recipes here? Or just the ones from the last update?
  4. @Shoggoth and @rezecib , thank you for the info. I added to top post as well.
  5. They sould breed like the Rocklobster. *dreaming* About a world full of catcoons.
  6. Thank you for all the data, guys. I updated the top post. (^_^) If you have more data, please post here. We still need some info about items like Morning Star and Recipes.
  7. Well, I thought the descriptions were self explanatory as well. Maybe I should add this.
  8. Hello. Added. Thank you for the list! ありがとうございました!^^
  9. So new recipes (plus the fact that the recipes now can change your body temperature) and craftables aren't new content for you?
  10. Thanks, forgot about that. I'll try to add the those effects on temperature as well.
  11. Searched for a topic about this but couldn't find. I didn't know really all of them. I just want to organize and make a list so people can find it easier. If you know a recipe or craftable which is not here, please post and I'll update! [NEW CRAFTABLES] -Moggles: Night vision. Lasts 2 days. "Grants the wearer Smell-E-Vision" (2 moles, 2 electric doodads, 4 silk) -Luxury Fan: Cools you down, puts off near fires. "Luxurious soft, luxuriously large" (5 down feathers, 2 cut reeds, 2 rope) -Insulated Pack: Less capacity backpack (6 slots) that keeps food fresh longer. "Small capacity, but keeps stuff fresh": (1 thick fur, 3 gears, 3 electric doodads) -Scale Mail: Armor, protects you from fire (needs confirmation) and set any enemies that hit you on fire. "Armour with a fiery temper" (1 scales, 1 log suit, 3 pig hides) -Weather Pain: Creates a small tornado which blow your enemies while doing some damage. DO NOT USE near your base, as it destroys nearby structures like a hammer. "Blow your enemies away" (10 down feather, 1 volt horn, 1 gears) -Scaled Chest: Fireproof chest. "A sturdy and fireproof container": 1 scales, 4 boards, 10 gold) -Floral Shirt: Body contrapart of the parasol and the garland, you gain sanity wearing it. Lasts 10 days. "Fun in the sun. Or on Casual Fridays" (12 petals, 2 silk, 6 butterfly wings) -Summer Frest: Keeps you cool and dapper. Lasts 10 days. "Keep cool and fresh in this stylish vest" (4 papyrus, 4 red feathers, 4 pig hides) -Hibernation Vest: You get hungry slower and cold slower. "A bear of a vest" (1 thick fur, 1 dapper vest, 2 rope) -Eyebrealla: Hat with 100% wetness protection. Lasts 9 days. "An eye on the sky keeps you dry" (1 deeclopse eye, 15 twigs, 4 bone shards) -Morning Star: Does spear damage as "electrical damage", which has a multiplier ranging from 1.5 to 3 depending on how wet the target is. (0% wetness-> 1.5x, 100% wetness -> 3x). Base damage: 28.9. (1 volt goat horn, 2 doodads, 2 nitre) -Cat Cap: 70% rain protection and same insulation as the Tam O' Shanter. (4 coontails and 4 silks). OBS> The sewing kit always restores 5 days worth of time, so it will 100% repair the moggles, for example. [NEW RECIPES] -Melonsicle (1 watermelon + 1 ice + 1 twig + whatever) - adds 12 hunger, spoil in 6 days - Ice cream (1 ice + 1 electric milk + 1 honey + something - without adding any meat, vegetables, inedibles, or eggs) - body temperature -20 - Guacamole (1 mole+1 cactus+2 else(except for fruit)), +37.5 hunger and 20 health ,spoil in 9.6 days - Spicy Chili (1.5 meat+1.5 vegetable(e.g.:meat+morsel+carrot+mushroom/carrot)) +37.5 hunger and 20 health, spoil in 9.7 days - Trail Mix (1-2 roasted birchnuts, 1 berries, then 1 or more of : dragonfruit, cave banana, berries, durian, pomegranate. Ice can be used too, if you hit those with just three (1 birchnut, 2 berries, 1 ice). +12.5 hunger and 30 health +5 sanity, spoil in 14.8 days - Flower Salad (1 cactus flowers +2 vegetable(not clear enough about this recipe though)) +12.5 hunger and 40 health +5 sanity, spoil in 6 days [EFFECTS OF FOOD on temperature] Dragonpies: +10 Stuffed eggplant: +5 Honey ham: +5 Meaty stew: +25 Hot chili: +20 Ice cream: -20 Melonsicle: -20 Spicy Chili:+20 I took a part of this list from a post of @MycoLogical btw. Thanks.