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I learn it by myself, but I have lots of resources. If you want to try learning japanese, here are a few websites that I'd suggest: - Your holy book of kanji, you can get the full meaning, stroke order and different readings of kanji here. - Not that amazing, but this is where I started off learning Japanese.

Youtube - there are so many guides on youtube, it's amazing.

Wikipedia - You can find the jouyou kanji sorted by grade here, so you can basically learn kanji in the order in which Japanese children learn them.

Google - To learn the hiragana and katakana, google images is the best.

I also have this book on Japanese grammar which I downloaded somewhere, it's like 300 pages. I might be able to send it if you want.

I also recommend getting yourself a whiteboard, as you can easily practice and erase from it. I use my whiteboard all the time.

EDIT: I just found this website, it will probably help you get started and help you decide if you want to actually start learning:

Thanks a lot for these comtemplate advices, you are kind. And I can see passion and penchant in you of learning Japanese. Good for you.

Considering I'm learning English now, I prefer to learn western countries' languages, like Spanish, as my first choice of my third language. Japanese will the fourth one. And your advise may be helpful then.

I like Japan. I've watched a myriad of japan catoons and read numerous manga. I grew up with them. Additionally, I heard from my friend who's learning Japanese that the language is like Classical Chinese to some degree, which I also learned for years.

And sometimes people are less interested in their familiar things.

What do you think?

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