So today?Imminent?

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Thanks a lot for these comtemplate advices, you are kind. And I can see passion and penchant in you of learning Japanese. Good for you.

Considering I'm learning English now, I prefer to learn western countries' languages, like Spanish, as my first choice of my third language. Japanese will the fourth one. And your advise may be helpful then.

I like Japan. I've watched a myriad of japan catoons and read numerous manga. I grew up with them. Additionally, I heard from my friend who's learning Japanese that the language is like Classical Chinese to some degree, which I also learned for years.

And sometimes people are less interested in their familiar things.

What do you think?

I am not that experienced in Chinese, but I know that the kanji and hanzi are very similar, some characters being basically the same (The readings, however, are different). I have had a slight bit of experience with similar languages, mainly because I have to learn German as a Dutch person. Let's just say that German is my least favourite language together with Dutch right now.
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