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  1. I bet its going to work like if its open already,then you can follow the player/s who assembled it to world 2 and so on. I think the same with adventure mode
  2. I think if the players are together then more hounds will be coming. like on first wave every player gets a hound wherever you are,and then 2-3 and so on. i imagine this like that, when 5 players are together there will be 5 hounds at first and ten after that. so maybe the best idea would be to split when the Hounds attack!
  3. nice it would be great! just seeing the others hitting on nothing with a bit of an insane look in their faces
  4. O my god!!! its announced My body is ready for the pre alpha release ;D there will be much tougher,or problematic monsters which to defeat ,you need more players too i guess. o my god it feels so nice now. im really happy now.
  5. i cant find those concept arts made by the game`s main artist, what someone posted .But they are fantastic!..i really hope and wish we gonna see these items added in future.
  6. yes can be!..but we don't know actually how big that door is.
  7. i keep thinking of Wilson kicking Deerclops´s ass,cutting out his eyeball and limbs. This Wilson is pretty badass
  8. i have to wait a day to like a comment so i rather quote it. i like this theory btw i think there is at least two more pictures,and the next one will be probably a smaller one what fits in the right corner now perfectly. I hope once its done it will come out in a trailer video form or something. cant wait to see the next picture.
  9. well said! that would be a great adventure. i smell new dlc
  10. oh yes that would be nice, i just wanted to mention it too then i saw your reply.maybe even though he hopes to go back to real world , he finds himself in a bigger more challenging hardcore adventure mode. i wonder if we going to have this ingame after the puzzles getting solved.
  11. *Every time you use Internet Explorer, Wilson cries. you have this right?
  12. I was finally able to beat two worlds in adventure mode,im so happy
  13. Ok,I started to play as usual,yesterday i already tried out the new patch and everything went smoothly until today. I started playing and after 2 minutes i realized that i cant move any of my stuff ,neither the stuffs in my backpack. i was able to click one of my stuff in chester but then i could not put it back neither drop it. I quit from the game and started again,but the exact same thing happened. Its not over yet, i started another character another game,and when i picked up the first flower i could not drop it neither putting it to my backpack. So why is that? I dont use any mods!, now i restart steam and going to see how it goes. Edit: ok, Im sorry, after restarting steam everything went fine again how it used to be. but any Idea what caused it?