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  1. So today?Imminent?

    god darn it i can't wait some put up a GIF
  2. So today?Imminent?

    Täällä torilla kyllä ollaan :3
  3. What do you think about Wigfrid?

    i think wigrig was made of winnie. winnie used to be only vegetarian and very similar to wigrig or whatever. BTW i hate that cave bananas now spawn only in ruins ;(
  4. Show us your camp!

    realy cool looking,can you make bigger pic :3 ?
  5. gimme gimme :3 wait a min... are these poisoned? *_* you shall eat 1 for testing
  6. my koale phohe has no battery right now :/
  7. yeah ,i don't think so *koalefant behind you*
  8. yes,yes!,but i ate them all o_o
  9. i need cave bananas right now 0_0
  10. Show us your camp!

    oh theres my brother i wonder where he went
  11. Whats your record?

    98 days got tired and killed myself :3