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Need some good modders for a Markiplier mod!


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Ever want to make something for markiplier? and hope it gets popular because it's actually good? and then a bunch of people recommend it to markiplier himself and then he plays the mod and makes a video about it and then it becomes way more popular? now is your chance!


Here is what I want the features to be:

Markiplier (duh)

Warfstache (spawns with his pink moustache and can wear it for sanity boost)

Tiny Box Tim (spawns with his little pet Tim with a 4 slot inventory and will never ever die!)

Full Moon Key Maniac mode (turns into a big muscly freak and yells WHERE'S THE BLACKSMITH?!)

Random NPCs that attack markiplier! (slenderman the crazed buttstabber SCPs and other creepy pastas)

A set piece that spawns only in markiplier's world with patient BOB as a prop that you can only examine!

in this setpiece will be a bunch of organs and tools laying around and you can claim the kidney knife from the debris! Mark's fav tool!!!

custom sounds for each NPC and mark himself! and mark's dance party outro to play when ever he gets attacked!


Current Evil NPC list:

Slenderman (being worked on atm)

Amnesia Monster

Jeff The Killer


The Crooked Man

The Raak

The Crazed Butt-Stabber


What I can do:

programming for the character and wearable item!

teeny bit of help with the NPCs

(I can probably figure out how to do the fullmoon mode)

leading, organizing, and coordinating things!


What I need:

an artist (VALKA and EmielRegis are helping draw things!)

and people who know how to create animations, stategraphs, and brains! (for the NPCs) EmielRegis is helping a lil

Possibly someone who can help out with the lines! (got 2 people on it!)

Maybe someone with some extensive lua knowledge to help out with some things! (not needed but it'd help)

Someone who can help with world generation!

Someone to help out with sounds!


if someone already is helping out with 1 of these subjects (like artistry or NPC creating) you can still apply to give help! the more the merrier!


If anyone else wants to help out at all in anyway possible I will be happy to accept the help!

(I will add any and all help given from people to the contributor list when I upload it to steam! I'll also add your name to the description if you don't have steam and it will be uploaded to Klei aswell!)


you can add me on steam @ http://steamcommunity.com/id/Fidooop/ or you can comment here if you don't have a steam... (we'll keep in touch over the forums and email)


Current crew:

Fidooop (character/item modder)

KidneyBeanBoy (quote editor 1)

Mack18853 (quote editor 2)

EmielRegis (working on animation files for the NPCs)
VALKA (artist)
TheLetterW (drawing epic bigportrait picture)


Still need:

NPC coder

world gen coder

someone to help out with custom sounds

maybe an advanced lua coder


I want to pack as much markiplier into 1 mod as possible! and I need your help!

(you can also post ideas here and they might be added to the mod plan!)

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Can i help with qoutes?

I don't have steam, so we'll have to talk thru forum PM or the thread



I can do dem quotes.


I've friended you both and started personal message chats with both of you! (I still don't know if kidneybeanboy has a steam)

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make sure he gets alot of those things he says alot in there like SHUTUP NURSE I know what's best and have you seen dirt? like a big pile of dirt? and other things too :p


Koeflant: Have you seen a pile of dirt anywhere? 'Cause I'm looking for some animal that keeps leaving tracks in 'em. No? No?

Maxwell: I never trust nann- I mean, manners.

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