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Chances of all crops to grow (Based on 500 seeds)

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The results from 500 seeds farmed on "turbo farm plots"

165 Carrots: 33%

150 Corns: 30%

53 Eggplants: 10,6%

44 Pumpkins: 8,8%

34 Pomegranates: 6,8%

28 Dragon Fruits: 5,6%

26 Durians: 5,2%

Graphs (Thanks to LadyD and Excess):

My results


Old results


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Firstly, Congratulations. You've put a lot of time into this and must have been a tedious task to accomplish.

But what I'd like to add here is the fact that since this is random, I really don't think there is any point in trying to get percentages. For example some people find the Dragon fruit to be the most rare but I've managed to get 5 Dragon fruits in 6 Turbo farms at the same time. Sure it gives a vague idea that the item is rare but I'd prefer to give it a rarity tag rather than giving it a value.

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Aerow what you wrote was unclear and ambigiouois. What you wrote would be clear if you wrote it as such, and didn't imply a mostly baseless theory was fact.

Each item could just as easly have a rarity value as there be present bands. Or both.

The dataset here is still too small for conclusive data, the most valuable stat here are the numbers and %, re-qriting it to bands that might not exist helps no-one. With a large enough dataset however, we could get VERY accurate % relitivly, and find items with equal rarity.

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I dunno, his results match what I'm seeing consistently from my Turbo Plots. Corn and Carrots galore, with the occasional Eggplant or Dragonfruit, and Durian and Pumpkins bringing up the rear.

Makes you wonder why Durian (the fruity equivalent to Monster Meat) is so rare, while the items that can be cooked into ridiculously-good foods (Eggplant, Dragonfruit) are merely uncommon.

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Yeah, that's what you would think, but currently I have made about 15 Stuffed Eggplant, while I only have 6 or 7 Pumpkins. Cooked Pumpkin (pie?) restores a ludicrous amount of hunger all on it's own (I think it restores 60), though, so it makes sense from that standpoint.

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To be more (sort of) on topic: here's a fun little "trick" with farms:

Use them as storage! For instance, I'm swimming in Corn and Carrots, so what I did was plant my gardens, and I picked the Corn and Carrots - but left any Dragonfruit, Pumpkins, or Eggplants alone. Now I have 5 farms with fully-grown Dragonfruit, Eggplants, and Pumpkins just waiting to be harvested and thrown into the Crock Pot as needed. Saves room in my Chests, since Crock Pot food doesn't stack, but I can make 5 bits of it at a whim by raiding my garden.

I know, I know, it's not super useful and only works if you already have a decent stockpile of crops, but I thought I'd share anyway.

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Amazing work Kid. Keep it up, it appears that the devs have stopped ("paused" more likely) messing with the crop drop rates.

The bigger the sample, the more accurate the info will be.

PS: As this is, indeed, speculation, it's no use discussing grammar. Each can interpret the data as he sees fit. Wanna label it? Fine, call it "über rare", "rare" and "oh ****, ANOTHER carrot?" if you will. I, personally, will stick to "from a base of 500 crops, on build Nºxxxxxx, corn dropped %30 percent of the time on a controlled test in a given time".

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