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Hallucination Battle Music Mod! Need some help finding sound playing files for battles

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Hallucinations do not have a battle theme like how common monsters and bosses do. So, I'm trying to make my own mod with a hallucination battle theme. I found a good file I can edit and use for the battle theme. I know where to put it, but my problem is I can't find the battle theme scripts for monsters. I've searched all over the scripts and prefabs and still didn't find it. I also checked several hostile mobs to see if they're built into them, but I still can't find them. Also, I'd like you to show me how to script the trigger for the music and how to make it fade out after no hits have been given after a while. I got an idea on the script from looking at how sound FX are triggered, but I'm not exactly sure how to do the battle music, as it's different from monster/animal sounds such as the pigs grunting and spiders growling. Please help, I want to make it as soon as possible! I'll upload it to Steam Workshop when it's done being tested and everything.

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