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  1. I've never been interested in multiplayer Don't Starve. It just seemed to rob the game of its uniqueness. But after I tried local multiplayer through a mod, I found it to be okay, but I prefer singleplayer. I never thought Klei would listen to the players. Now, I'm actually excited. It's going exactly how I wanted it to. I had imagined a 2-4 player game, and here it is! All we need now is permanent death. Ban the player from the server on death. If someone leaves, new people can join. But if the game has 4 players, and one dies, the maximum limit of players decreases each time a player dies until only one player is left. When they die, the server can be restarted.
  2. I wanted the same thingIt would be an angel, and the meter's color will be purple (like how health is red, hunger is yellow, and sanity is orange). When you loose naughtiness the angel will start dying (like when the heart for health meter starts cracking and breaking, the stomach shrinking and the brain withering away) and starts turning into a monster.