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Islands of Corruption

A Roleplay by gloryKAT


A strange force is slowly corrupting the islands where Maxwell's prisoners are kept. They are slowly growing bored of his prisoners and Their corruption is slowly being used to corrupt the elements of the islands in order to provide a new source of entertainment. They have demanded that Maxwell bring new prisoners that will provide more entertainment, those with will and spirit instead of those who stay hidden away to fight their battles another day.


New prisoners, tricked by the promise of new powers and the like, flood in from everywhere. These new entertainers prove to be a valuable source of entertainment, but Their corruption is still in effect, bringing odd changes to the land, including frequent hound attacks, odd weather changes, and sometimes even odd new species of creatures.


One example of this corruption is an unnamed subspecies of hound, which is larger and more powerful than a normal hound. These hounds are fast, and hence, not many have seen them.



Rules of the Roleplay:

  • No godmodding. If this happens, you will be warned.
  • No switching from characters that have not been created yet. [ex. She ran away, the wind suddenly circling a small tree. Suddenly, the tree came to life, becoming a treeguard.]
  • Limit of two characters at a time. If you decide to get rid of one character, then you may create another.
  • This is at the very least a semi-literate roleplay. This means that you require proper punctuation, proper spelling and proper grammar. Please make sure to check over your post before posting. (None of this: "so the dog went to theyre store and got hos owner to bought some of there best dog treat's")
  • Proper English, please. Don't speak in Japanese/Chinese (some spammers are known to do this) or Chatspeak. (None of this: Wow dat wz so 1337! dat wz amazing!)
  • Canon characters ARE playable, but I will need a good character application.
  • When speaking Out Of Character, please use brackets or add the prefix OOC to your Out Of Character message.
  • No derailing, please. I don't appreciate trolls and derailers in my roleplay.


Character Application Form:








Abilities (if any):


All characters are listed below.

Name: Shard

Age: 17 (age counted in human years)

Gender: Female

Species: Hound (with wings of fire)


History: Shard was once a human with a different name. One day, while in her house, she was promised special powers... something that would make her different from everyone else... something that would make her special. Little did she know that these special powers were not the powers she imagined... and she was sent to the world of Don't Starve as a hound, with a form of special powers: wings, covered in fire.

Personality: Shard is somewhat shy, but tries not to be. When she is trying to overcome her fear of people, she is often very friendly. However, as she is a hound, she is occasionally shunned, which only benefits her shyness.
Abilities: Shard did get her special powers from the promise, wings. However, because of the fact that her wings are on fire, she must be careful around flammable objects such as trees and bushes.



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May I join, although I might not be on right now since I had a lot going on TT_TT painful stuff. I will edit this post so I wont take up much space so maybe you will have to check this post again... or something. :3 Ok @gloryKAT I'm done.


Name: Absol


Age: Unknown


Gender: Male


Species: Pokemon




History: Absol got caught up in fights from humans, being told to bring disaster whenever he is there. Apparently everyone then though of it and whenever Absol was seen he would be chased off, with some people wanting to end the disaster by killing him. They never knew that he was trying to warn them, Absol was furious that he tried to help but in return they just turned on him. As he walked off he saw a strange village and went to check it out, dark and ghost pokemon wandered freely and happily, Absol could sense nothing wrong with his horn. He soon became hypnotized as he stayed, the next couple days were the same until he was able to snap out of it, he found out it was a trap but it was too late. That's when Absol appeared in the Don't Starve world.


Personality: (I don't know what to say for that...)


Abilities (if any): it says a lot here but only knows night slash, razor wind and  shadow claw at the moment.  Also this shows that other dark or ghost attacks on him will be weaker. (again that site explains everything.)

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Yay, a new roleplay! Now, I did say I was going in as John next time I could, so here we go.

Name: John

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Appearance: Tall and thin, at a height of 5' 10, he has short, black hair and wears jeans and a blue tee shirt. His clothes are loosely sown together at cuts. His body is riddled with cuts and scars, the most apparent being one running over his eye, crossing over his nose.

History: Abused and mistreated as a child, he signed a blood pact that vaguely spoke of teaching his parents a lesson. This blood pact tore him into two consciousnesses, John and Jack. Jack was the original, but was corrupted into thirsting for blood and murder. Jack killed his parents, sending his kind brother, William Carter, fleeing. Having the dual personalities made his life difficult, and he found himself having murdered people, most namely his wife and one of his two children, Abigail. After a hunt to find his brother, in order to reforge their brotherhood, John finds a shadowy spell book. After Jack teaches him how to find his brother with the book, he was sucked into the Don't Starve world. There he stayed, for years yet not aging, helping the people that were trapped there.

Abilities: After reading the spell book, he gained a decent control over shadows, and dark magic in general. His spells leap anywhere from dream walking to possession to shadow control, but his more major spells are weak, sometimes not doable. Additionally, using his spells give him fatigue, sending him unconscious depending on the magnitude of the spell. His weapons of choice are his dual shadow blades, but he has a mysterious bloodied spear that he seldom uses.

Side Note, Jack's details: in order for Jack to gain control over John's body, there must be something that reminds him of his past. For example, heavy rain can normally summon Jack, but he will stop when the rain ceases. If John hears any of the songs he wrote, as he was once a songwriter, Jack will show himself as well. These as other events can summon Jack. When Jack takes over, demon wings grow out of his back, and he uses his spear for 90% of the combat, shadow magic being the other 10%. However, Jack's shadow magic is tremendously weaker than John's, so the only magic he can reliably use is the summoning of shadow hands.

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Name: Rainbow Scars

Age: Unknown

Gender: Female



History: grew up as a little filly in the land of Cloudsdale. She had an older sister named Starling, who was an alicorn. (Alicorn: Unicorn/Pegasus.) She rarely saw her sister, because her sister was a princess. But when she did see her sister, they always talked about scary stories and creepypastas.

One day her sister came home, blind, and half deaf. She communicated through stars, which helped her realize her true talent. Back to the story. Rainbow Scars rushed to her sisters aid, trying her best to heal her sister. Her sister then told her about something in Cloudsdale that wasn't pretty. The something that almost killed Starling. It was a factory. The Rainbow Factory. The employees have been trying to find fillies to kill and turn their blood into rainbows. It almost happened to their parents, and it almost killed Starling.

Just then, they heard a knock at the door. Followed by pounding. Then the door was knocked down. Starling took her sisters hand and got out of the house. They ran to a cliff. The guards followed. They were surrounded. The only thing to do, was to jump. And that's just what they did. Luckily, Starling could fly. She landed them safely on the ground. They had reached Earth.

Rainbow Scars led a happy life, from then on. She went to school, earning the highest grades in her class. She met two great people, who became her best friends. Their names were Snowfall and Dewdrop. The group would host secret meetings, and do homework together. They held parties and sleepovers. They were the happiest children on earth.

One day, while RS was walking home, someone from the sky knocked her out, and kidnapped her. When she awoke, she was in a cell made of ice. She tried to get out, but couldn't. A lady came and took her to a bed. They chained her to the bed, and asked her if she had wings. She never used her wings, but she spread her wings out. Tiny needles and knives went right through her wings, damaging them. They guards got the needles out of her wings, and painted the edges of her wings with rainbows, or the blood of the dead. She was never able to fly after that, and was abandoned in the cloud land. But when she gets happy, one of her scars tends to heal itself.

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Ok, uh... Start, I guess?

Shard's eyes snap open. She feels... Different. All she can remember is a radio. Wait... The radio! It was talking! She clears her mind, before rising to her paws. Wait again. PAWS?


She ruffles her wings, having a spaz attack.


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Ooc: start? Already? Well, I'm not complaining!

John sits in a tree, above where the newcomers normally find themselves. He is surprised to see a hound as a prisoner, but not much surprises him anymore since the corruption began.

"Hey there. Can you talk, mister hound?"

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