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The Gentlemanly Fisticuffs Achievement

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I have just completed my own little challenge (kind of), whereupon Wilson will challenge every monster to a fight to the death. Wilson of course will wear attire that befits the title of gentleman scientist, a top hat and a dapper fest, and shall no weapons other than his bare fist. He will of course not heal during the battle either.

The list of monsters include:

Spider - stunned by attack, just keep hitting it, if there is only one. Hit and run kiting if more than one. This is the only monster I bothered to go for more than one at a time. The others are one on one battles. More than one of werepigs or even just pigmen can be extremely hard. I am guessing it would involve a lot of time running around waiting for one lone pigmen be slightly separated from the rest so that it can be attacked without the others hitting you.

Pigmen - stunned by attack. Hit with impunity.



Swamp monster - this one took the longest to kill, most of the day. I thought this was quite a demanding battle as the kiting really has to be perfected; I can punch it once then retreat and this is repeated so so many times. Can kill you the fastest, with two mistakes if at least one of its double attacks both connect (it does two attacks, one right after the another).

Ent - quicker to kill because I could get in three successive hits each time.

Ghost - no attack animation but no problem as I found out this too gets stunned so it too goes down easily.

Werepig - feed the pigmen 3 monster meat to turn it into werepig. This battle has a time limit (other than the approaching night) as it will turn back into a pig eventually. I had to lead it away from the other pigs before starting the battle as the pigs will view it as a pig, me attacking the werepig near the pigs will make the pigs attack me (is this a bug?) and led to the aforementioned timeout. Slightly tricky to kite. Kiting the other monsters means running back and forth, timing it with the attack animation. For the werepig I had some trouble with this until I found out a good timing routine by letting it first get right next to me, then move before the attack animation starts till out of range then attack. How is kiting werepigs for other people?

Hound and Hell hound - I found one hound and one hellhound together. I am guessing these two were left over from some previous raid of hounds. Possible to kill them both because sometimes one will stop to bark leaving the other to be attacked. One other way to achieve this part is to wait for a raid at daytime, kill all but one hound normally with spear and armor and challenge the remaining one., repeating on another raid for the hell hound.

(Tallbird) - would have done this too but my map seems to have no tallbirds.

These animals were also killed barehanded but I have decided they should not be part of the challenge because it is ungentlemanly to kill defenseless creatures.:

Gobbler - needs to be cornered.

Rabbit - requires more than one hit but will escape into hole too fast. I used shovel on the hole then corner the escaping rabbit.

(Bird) - tried using sleeping dart on bird but can only get in one punch before it flies away. I do not think birds can be killed by punching.

Around about eight lives/effigies were lost during the process.

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I recorded Wilson fighting 4 spiders.

It only takes 2 hits with a spear to kill each spider. Killing spiders is the fastest method by far to get food. One day and there will be enough meat for honeyed hams for a week. Each nest can stand to release 2-3 swarms in one day before they run out of spiders. Good thing the nests regenerate health each day. Used to be they didn't and the attacks to release spiders would eventually destroy the spider nest; if that nest wasn't lvl 3, then no egg drop and that's one less nest in your world permanently.

Now im gonna be bold and ask for a Wendy drawing with the little creatures that aren't in the other one

That gives me an idea. I might to want to get a pet of everything non-aggressive later, at least when fences are added. My last pet beefalo was killed tragically by werepigs. Caught then dropped bees don't return to nest. Bunnies with their hole dug out can be herded. Gobblers can be herded. Treeguards and beefalo can be attacked, relocated, then calmed with pipe. And mandrakes too of course, the pet of pets. We can all have a party together with the pig village.

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First off im gonna say: cewl drawing, well done ^_^

Now im gonna be bold and ask for a Wendy drawing with the little creatures that arent in the other one :D





its gonna be sooo cute :p

j/k j/k lol

I forgot to put bees into this one, probably cause karamawari forgot to mention them at first too.

And if you want me to consider drawing something, you'll have to complete something so awe inspiring as dapperly dispatching dastardly dingy dullard deviations in as distractingly dangerous a device as fisticuffs.


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