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Admittedly, Thread titles have never been a strong point of mine, and neither has been writing opening posts for them for that matter. Sometimes I draw stuff and sometimes I find an appropriate place to post it. That's usually Tumblr and when I get arsed to DeviantArt and lastly, if it's relevant, Steam. I can't say I've done a particular lot of Don't Starve artwork but I have done some and surely that counts for something?post-76127-13764597761757_thumb.pngpost-76127-13764597762096_thumb.pngI'm not going to overload this opening post with image files so I'm just going to showcase the only two I'm particularly proud of and provide some links for more. Wilon's best sanity tacticWilson in purpleThere's more scattered on my art blog and on my Steam which I think is linked in one of those posts.




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Ah ha thank you! I plan on it but sometimes I just never get my ideas out quite the way I want them to be and then I never end up posting them. I was watching Hotel Transylvania last night and one thing I really liked about it (other than the animation in general. I love super cartoony stuff like that) was the pushing on the expressions. So I decided to try it myself on our dear friend Maxwell. I might clean it up and colour it later. post-76127-13764597809534_thumb.jpghttp://theletterwsartflap.tumblr.com/post/57011427656/i-may-or-may-not-come-back-to-this-i-just-wanted

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I don't have anything super colourful today, just a couple of sketches I did in my Enviro III class.


I might return to them later with colour, who knows! :wilson_dilemma:

Looking good, I also love everything else in this thread :D Keep drawing!
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