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  1. It would seem it's gone quiet here; looks like it died. So I'm leaving. If anyone still cares, you can follow my art on tumblr, or DeviantART.
  2. Sing for the lion and lamb Their hearts are hunting Still hunts hope ever and ever Ever -Aqualung ~ "Cold"
  3. This is what I initially imagined when I first found out he was a "stage performer"
  4. Thank you. I appreciate it. A Maxwell thing I'm working on. Done with a base just like my last one cause I can't animate for crap; I'll work on it though...
  5. Procrastination. folks. While Unfazed is waiting for the right amount of free time to be worked on. this is what I've been thinking about or trying to finish.
  6. Says the great Maxwell as he bats at you with a pom pom pen.
  7. Why do I post here anymore?

  8. "Let all London be agreed I'm WICKED through and through..." As you might be able to tell, I've been listening to Wicked again, causing me to have an epiphany. Based on the song "No Good Deed", I came up with an alternate story for a mad scientist who has lost his mind...and becomes somewhat homicidal.
  9. Thank you very much. I am interested to see a mixing of styles in this project.
  10. I move one page at a time. I sketch out the frames on the long strip, then draw and color each panel individually before resizing them and putting them into the strip. A MAP is a Multi-Animator Project and if I get enough people, we're gonna animate King of Winter over the summer in between Unfazed pages and what not.
  11. Well, Unfazed takes place in the "real world" after Wilson and Maxwell escape from the wilderness or other dimension. There is a link on the first page to the source of the back story, but Unfazed is mainly and really is in it's entirety a separate story. Some sketching done for the MAP I plan to put into motion by this summer. Man, it's been a while since I did stuff for this story.
  12. Thanks! I do love his eyes. His wife's name is Johanna and we'll see her very soon. Charlie isn't in this one, although they do make a cute couple in my opinion.
  13. Maxwell wouldn't let Wilson use those if they were available anyway xD Glad you are enjoying it. It's good to know someone is still reading this thing. Here's a Maxwell for no reason. Something to take my mind off of the upcoming finals and other big projects..
  14. IT'S DONE. FINALLY. FREAKING. DONE. I'm done for the rest of this week. Midnight has approached and I am ready to retire. Please enjoy, fave, comment; do what you wish. All this work is for you guys. No description this time.