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  1. since you asked.... Where are you currently?

  2. hmm autumn, well there goes the all summer harvest season. now we'll only get 1 harvest per "year".
  3. hmm you ought to go back and read some of the old discussions bothe pre and post beta concerning trophy/experience based upgrades/other leveling systems and why the dev's chose not to use that style in this game. While i agree that trophies could be implemented in a better way, that was never part of the game development plan. the reasoning goes like this. "leveling" locks the player into an achievement pattern that once a character reaches level max, the player gets bored. "upgrades" do the same. "questing" also give a false sense of completion.(same as trophy system) The development team, intended to and did make the game almost completely player goal driven rather than, achievement system goal driven. Trophies of any type or implementation are an achievement system, and rather than try to completely overhaul the game to accept something that was never part of the intended game design, they made it into a joke. The view from the dev team was that experience, upgrade systems, and even things like the trophy system were what made a game "grindy", and this with few exceptions is true.(the only game i know of that didn't yield this feel with an experience/upgrade system has gone offline over 5 years ago) oh and it wouldn't surprise me a bit if you continued to crank that handle for 72000 more times that you hit another trophy lol, but i think someone out there has tried that already. anyway in short that is why, not that i'm an official spokesman or anything. I much prefer the feel of Don't Starve left with player driven goals, i think you'll understand after the first 100 hours of the game.
  4. i think it's rather funny that somebody actually made a guide on how to get the trophies.
  5. it made me laugh reading through that thread.... the whole idea of trophies and even going to the playstation platform was tacked on several months after beta, almost as a development afterthought, and besides, a trophy requirement in order to publish on a game platform is rediculous, all the really awesome games of the past never had achievements.
  6. I hear they make special shampoo for the flee problem u got, might even work on lice....
  7. I like a number of the character personalities, but voted for willow cause then spiders attack she growls at them., and that is just an awesome thing for a little girl to do.
  8. poor planning precedes poor performance. worms just like hounds probably require a structural solution. it's not very hard to surround the bottom of the rope with stone walls,, and still keep a smaller base. try that and then try barrier outer walls of grass or wood with rockthulu trapped in between, and perhaps a few bunny hutches outside of that. it's not any harder to setup than a tooth trap field, but like i said requires planning. this is something i'm currently working on but havn't fully tested. it was either in this thread or another but someone mentioned that worms can go under grass and wood walls, all the outer wall is for is containing the rocklobsters in an area so they can deal with the worms. edit: going to try and get a picture of this soon, there may be some problem with it though so i might be verbal faceplanting here.
  9. to be honest worms in my opinion are are really the only valid game challenge left. they probably won't be nerfed.
  10. what happens when you hammer a chest once? It'll chestear! how did the tent laugh when wilson was running from the nightmares? Acle acle acle acle. What did the treeguard say to the pigs as it planted itself? Foe rest what do the frogs say? Ribbite! what do the other spiders call the dumb one? a spi-duurrrrrrr! how to best describe a used up farm plot? it befallow.