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  1. i probably draw things

    my one yearly contribution
  2. i probably draw things

    some old and new stuff i've been up to
  3. i probably draw things

    what do you mean about maxwell? and yes! since my friends and i do a lot of King of Winter themed not starving, our wigfrid chooses to dress warm :^D thank you! and yes, maxwell always needs to keep his appearance up, even if it's not practical ahah --------------------------------- forgot to post some more art from the other day
  4. i probably draw things

    some little portrait type things i did for the freezy blog
  5. i probably draw things

    that's exactly what was happening :^D ahah thanks. i was trying to capture that "i'm done" kind of feel
  6. i probably draw things

    something silly i animated for my ask blog
  7. i probably draw things

    thank you, i've been trying to push myself into doing more perspective stuff and i'm really happy how that one turned out 1 thanks B^) i'm not sure i see the throwing a baseball part though ahah 2 oh he better be 4 i'm not sure i see what you're talking about. it's just him holding his cigar w 2 pointy claws 5 thank you !
  8. i probably draw things

    staying up real late doodling some cool doods
  9. i probably draw things

    god that would be great. thanks for the idea ahaha thanks!
  10. i probably draw things

    she's my dnd ranger from an upcoming campaign. i was just suddenly motivated to start modding dst characters again so she was my first pick. i think i'm gunna have her be a glass cannon type, maybe doing around 20% more damage. and of course w less hp to balance that out
  11. i probably draw things

    there i go making mods of my oc's again
  12. i probably draw things

    ooh that's where it's from ahah
  13. i probably draw things

    fruit cake best cake. i have never actually seen wilson called piggsbury. makes a lot of sense tho
  14. i probably draw things

    for the sugar cookies, it's something along the lines of "i need to eat 40 of them for science." and the gingerbread ones something like, "the anatomy is off but i can overlook it." thanks! the eternal fruit cake is my favorite. i made a tree completely covered in the stuff. i see how wigfrid looks like she has a lot of the glow from the bulb. a lot of the light that falls on wilson is on his beard, which is black, so it kinda just got absorbed. it didnt seem like that big of a deal so i didnt fix it. oh wilson has to have a sweet tooth for sure. and for willow i wasnt really thinking about what she was sitting on. maybe the throne, who knows. i just wanted her staring at the snowball with boredom, possibly even a slight amount of disgust. "why is this white stuff falling from the sky and ruining my fires? why do people throw it? it's no fun at all!"