Day 100 Dragon attack?

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( suggestion ) at day 90 you start hearing roars in the distance. day 95 you see shadows on the ground. And suddenly somewhere in the world the dragon lands and you have to find it and kill it when you do you get a very special sword. thanks for reading! ( first post )

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I've played Skyrim and I don't like dragons. Let me tell you, they're all jerks. You'll be minding your own business on some quest when they'll swoop down and start attacking you for no reason. So let's just keep them out of this game...

Not sure if we need a special sword either... my spikey stick is pretty damn awesome already.

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I personally love fantasy, so am slightly biased, and would love even more unrealistic creatures in the game, like Dragons. XD

My problem with "fantasy" is that it stopped meaning "imagination" in favor of "preset universe in a magical medieval era where you have dragons, trolls, skeletons and mythic swords".

Not every "fantasy" game needs dragons. This game has more "fantasy" in it with it's own creative style and creature design that Minecraft as a whole.

Fantasy is the new cliché.

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Haha, hipster Excess. XD

When I said I love Fantasy, I meant the typical genre, not everything fantastical. I don't think Don't Starve currently fits into the Fantasy genre, although it sure is fantastical. :D

Isn't that what genre's are though? No matter how creative one is, it will still be similar to SOMETHING. Fantasy is just a genre that includes the dragons etc. I am sure that a lot of people who have created Fantasy work have done so without intending that it be so similar to other works that they may have not heard of, even though a lot of people do just regurgitate work and claim to be creative. D:

That being said... I love the typical, cliche dragon, so your comment still hits kind of true, even though I communicated poorly and we kind of ended up referring to different things. XD

Edit: Tyler the Dragon commenting on Dragons; I smiled. ^^

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[...] even though I communicated poorly and we kind of ended up referring to different things. XD

Don't worry, you didn't; I knew you where referring to Fantasy as a genre, I just kind of let out my rant towards how specific and repetitive that genre became, that's all.

I guess I'm getting old :(

PS: Sorry to highjack your thread ;)

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Maybe a big tentacle monster rises from the swamp after day 100? I think that would fit.

Imagine a chubby octopus with one giant eye in its head and more than 8 tentacles?

If there were to be some kind of boss, I think it should be related to the most dangerous area of the map (the swamp). I think it fits, could match the art style nicely, and I love me some tentacle ra- er... monsters. ^^'

Anyone else got an idea?

PS: I'm in yo thread, hijacking an stuff. XD

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I would personally like it that if they did make a more powerful monster, but one that was unique. Do we really need the super were pig? Or super spider? We've seen the tallbird, so we know Klei is inventing interesting monsters. My hope is that they decide to continue down this road and come up with very unqiue beasties for us to face rather than rehashing the existing run-of-the-mill monsters I've seen in so many other games.

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