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  1. Two hours? I've only had it last a couple of minutes at most with at least a day in between eruptions.If it's lasting two hours then that's definitely something that needs to be adjusted.
  2. It's not that bad. Just don't be on your home island and it's easy to avoid. Plus by the end of monsoon season you usually want to go out and do some adventuring and the volcano is a perfect excuse to head out into the open seas. Also you get about half a day of warning ahead of time so it's easy to prepare for. I like it, keeps things tense and is a fresh mechanic.
  3. This is a pretty ingenious solution to what I saw as a fairly unsolvable problem, awesome! Although it sounds like it would have to be tied to ban for it to not be exploitable. If someone is obviously griefing then you usually want to just straight up ban them anyway. Kicks would make it an easy way to roll back after **** hits the fan.
  4. Yeah this problem appears to exist 100% of the time with berry bushes, saplings(I think), and regular trees. I'll venture a guess and say it was caused by the nov 29 hotfix when tree walling was nerfed.
  5. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number Nov27 Issue title Bees turn into stingers upon picking up a trap. Steps to reproduce Have any amount of bees in your inventory. Go pick up a rabbit trap, and all of those bees will disappear and be replaced by a single stinger. Describe your issue So basically if you have any bees in your inventory when you go to pick up a trap that has a rabbit or animal inside of it, instead of getting meat you receive a stinger and all of your bees disappear. It's super annoying, especially since bees are not that common. Please fix!
  6. Day 100 Dragon attack?

    a dragon is not a bad idea, but it doesn't exactly feel like it belongs in this game. I'm 100% for the implementation of many new enemies that begin showing up on specific days though.