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  1. Not to mention the amulet instantly resurrects you in place, leaving you to try to deal with the thing that initially killed you a second time, while the meat effigies resurrect you at your base, the next morning.
  2. It isn't sidetracking; it's expanding on the idea and discussing concepts behind them. It happens in a feedback and suggestions forum, and isn't a bad thing. ^^' The nights are not nearly long enough that figuring out exact times can't be done by oneself. Burnable resources are also not nearly scarce enough that knowing exact timings would be beneficial enough to warrant knowing. Adding a feature to the game that the community seems to overwhelmingly dislike because a very few want exact measurements without having to figure them out themselves is terribly unrealistic. Remember: I'm just giving feedback on the idea, and not attacking you or the fact that you posted a suggestion, so make sure to remember to give people the benefit of the doubt and try not to become passive-aggressive in your responses (not saying you are; just a friendly reminder). <3
  3. Long, philosophical discussions with Abigail; she is rather spiritual (LOLOLOL! GET IT?! SPIRITUAL!).
  4. Continuous: Gather food. Step one: Get materials for, and make, a pick. Step two: Mine all the gold. Step three: Chop enough wood for, and make, about 100 chests. Step four: Dig up, kill, or harvest everything on the island and organize it all in the chests. Step five: Long, philosophical discussions with Abigail about what the next patch will be and when they will give me a bigger island to decimate.
  5. Etho recorded every single one of his Don't Starve videos in two sittings; he said so in a video. Assuming that because a video is uploaded today that the video was recorded and edited today too is rather silly. ^^
  6. There are so many things in game that could have a 'life bar' that I feel adding a single life bar to a single item makes no sense at all. On that note, the life bar idea in general just seems like a terrible idea for this game.
  7. A craft-able Navi? I love Legend of Zelda! Seriously though, with how much other stuff you can have following you, and how important inventory space is, I feel this item would not be very well balanced. Having the red gem replace gold in the Miners Hat and just having it last longer would probably be the most realistic/balanced change along the lines of your suggestion. Starting small is never a bad thing either.
  8. Wow, what luck. That is crazy. I had over 20 graves on my current play-through and only got 4 amulets. ;_; Oh well, 200 gold is fine I guess. ^^ Edit: Fixed an exaggeration.
  9. If something is attacking you, what is the first instinct? Fight? Run! If it is night, the hounds will quickly fall asleep, if it is morning after they have fallen asleep or day, you can lead them to their death at a spider nest, beefalow herd, bee hive, tallbird nests (2-3), or pig village so easily it's ridiculous. I realize this may not be obvious to new players, but if your first instinct is to fight unarmored and unequipped... I'll let you finish that thought on your own. Edit: Fixed a typo.
  10. Dogs are easy to deal with at night, even on night 2 (which happened to me this playthrough); just run in circles and they rather quickly go to sleep, to be easily led to their death come morning. XD
  11. I'd like it if (since both have a flower on their head), the flower were an item that started out equipped in your hat slot. If you took the flower off, Abigail would be hostile to you, but with it on, she would do no damage to you, even when in the same space as her. I like some of the more complicated ideas, but they are just that, complicated. I think a small change to start out with would be best. What do you guys think?
  12. I think that non-individual remarks should probably be all together to reduces the overall size of the initial post, instead of having the same thing listed 4 times.
  13. I'll not comment on the changes until I've played at least 50 hours with them, but now that Manure is becoming more and more valuable of a resource, maybe how much is needed for farm plots should be reconsidered? 12 per farm plot + 1 per vegetable seems a bit extreme with berry bushes only needing 1 per 3 harvests. I suggest either reducing the initial cost, or make manure last for 3 harvest on farm plots like everything else.
  14. Wow, I must be really lucky, these maps you guys are posting seem really small. The three maps I've generated that I've actually played (I just remake when I see bridges) tend to have all the spheres overlapping, but the number of spheres that are making up the island was around 10 for each of them. I wonder if LadyD has a graph somewhere on the min, max and average number of spheres worlds are generated with...
  15. Maybe a big tentacle monster rises from the swamp after day 100? I think that would fit. Imagine a chubby octopus with one giant eye in its head and more than 8 tentacles? If there were to be some kind of boss, I think it should be related to the most dangerous area of the map (the swamp). I think it fits, could match the art style nicely, and I love me some tentacle ra- er... monsters. ^^' Anyone else got an idea? PS: I'm in yo thread, hijacking an stuff. XD