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I'm begging you on all fours here, I know I should've said this sooner but I thought it was going to be a one time thing with Day Walker, but it wasn't. I need these enemies to be killable please I'm being 100% honest when I suggest this.

I do not care if the new boss doesn't drop his new item when killing him, Just have him drop 8 fish meat and that's all I need, and make it the same for DayWalker but like 6 meat and 4 pigskin for all I care, or have it be like Sealnado where they do drop everything. I know there's probably something planned for the future for these guys, but I do not care, make that stuff inaccessible if you kill them then, just make them killable.

I need this, please.

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Yes please. This really reminds me of Starfield's "OPEN WORLD" with "SO MANY OPTIONS" when you can't even kill like half of the npcs you meet. For Daywalker maybe it makes some sense but even then, just give him randomly generated names like with sharkboi and it's perfectly reasonable that you can kill him.

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