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  1. Well since this is ocean content, and everyone is saying pirates, the monkeys will probably be the pirates who don't do anything! Very fitting with the rest of the useless ocean content.
  2. Yeah I'm not original so I usually do 3x speed. Tho for winter I do 1 speed, 1 heat, 1 small health, and for summer/cave time I do 1 speed/ moggle circuit.
  3. When I read this I forgot Crocs (the shoe brand) exist so I imagined Wilson with crocodiles latched on to his feet.
  4. Horny meter, you die when it reaches 0, and to fill it you must slap leggy birds (oh yeah this mod includes the leggy bird skin for tall birds) with a ham bat.
  5. Autumn: explore mainland, find all wormholes, hammer pighouses, build base of crock pots, pig farm, bird cage, and drying racks. Kill EoC Winter: McTusks, Dragonfly (unless I'm WX, then I just scan her for heat circuit and leave), Klaus, Deerclops, find moon island for kelp and stone fruit. Spring: Grass Gecko Farm, Twiggy Tree Farm, Meese Geese, Bee Queen, Volt Goat farm Summer: go into caves and clear the ruins. Screw surface summer. I have started to do autumn ruins rushes, but I only really feel like they're worth it for characters like Wanda who massively benefit from it. They just take so many valuable starting days. Imo WX doesn't need to ruins rush cause he already can get 50% speed boost without a cane or mag. I also wanna say that I hate farming, it feels so inefficient to me when I can just use a pig farm for meat (and football helmets!) And have kelp for veggies and just use meatballs, stew, and perogies for all my needs
  6. How is a fire staff good for either of these? I can't imagine scalemail being any good against beequeen unless you want to set your whole world on fire. Also panflutes/ speed boost are easier to get and more effective imo, but I'd like to hear how scalemail can be used effectively.
  7. Personally I prefer human skin, more uses than cow or pig. Wait wrong forum... GIMME TOGGLABLE MOB SKINS. MAKE LEGGY BIRD OFFICIAL
  8. Winter insulation only affects how fast a character's temperature decreases when below 35°, and how fast a character can heat up is capped at 1° per second, and is not affected by insulation. Therefore, wes having less insulation is strictly a downside. ( In the same way, summer insulation only delays overheating, and cooling maxes out based on item used to cool (couldn't find an exact date). ( Also, only winter or summer insulation is used, not both (depending on the season)
  9. You play Webber so you can throw your tiny minions at a huge monster while waiting for Pikmin 4.
  10. I don't get complaining about a game's difficulty. Like just go play a different game.
  11. DST is actually just a simulation of the faked moon landing. So low fantasy.
  12. Crab king is the best boss, I think he has fun patterns and cycles, and his healing is easy to stop Fuel Weaver is the worst boss besides toadstool, his healing mechanic is so hard to deal with because you have to be constantly switching between nightmare amulets, body armor, head armor, bee queen crown, sanity foods, weather pains, lazy explorers, and weapons (because he can do other actions during it) Beefalo are dumb. They are only used as a way to negate a character's downsides, which takes away the point of playing unique characters. (As a potential fix I think beefs should take some of the stat modifiers from their riders or at least damage multipliers) Speed buffs should be restricted because they nerf bases and resource farms DST is unplayable without the constant music mod, just the sound of crunchy grass I kinda liked disease, at least when I was constantly picking my replants and had a way to deal with it. It was just annoying when you stop using your farms and they all die because of that. There is no reason to spend summer on the surface. Wildfires suck, antlion is boring, and fishing in the oasis is also boring. Much rather do cave stuffs.
  13. POGGERS. That's one less mod I have to play with.