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Can we get chess in dst?

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Since we are getting chairs and tables in the next update, date i ask for a way to play chess while playing dont starve. 

Maybe something like a chess playset you can put on the table. I would seriously love that. 

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6 minutes ago, Gashzer said:

But.. but you can play chess using statues! You and your opposition just need to play as wolfgang and use the checkered turf.

True, but I prefer table chess over a heavy rocks carrying chess

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30 minutes ago, Cassielu said:

We're already on the board, don't you see? =)

I wonder if the match is between alter and them or Charlie and Wagstaff. Also it's kinda weird Wagstaff is seem to be moon themed but he should be the 3rd side cause he is just stealing moons energy and not helping it. Actually he is helping charlie in a sense.


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After obtaining the chess piece figure sketches, you have a rare chance to find actual little chess pieces of rook, knight and bishop as trinkets in the world, e.g. from tumble weeds. Just use rubber bungs as pawns and the gnome and gnomette as king and queen and your ready to go:)

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If you want a deluxe set you can always use boss statues

Afw for dark pieces and CC for light pieces

Queen bee for queens

AG for rooks

Knight Bishop and Pawn are the outliers but there are plenty of choices in the seasonal bosses

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