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You know that one quote from WX-78 saying "I CAN GET THE FLESHINGS TO BUILD A STATUE OF ME" I think it would be very cool of you can make statues of characters, I don't know how you could get the figure sketches. 

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1 hour ago, CameoAppearance said:

Maybe let people use papyrus and a Feather Pencil to draw each other, and then put that into the sculpture table?

I still dream of the time when you can use feather pencil to draw on the bundled supplies. :(

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4 hours ago, GelatinousCube said:

Huh... never before have I wanted to be able to build an epic statue of Wigfrid with her spear to the sky in the middle of my base. Now I desperately want to. Thanks a lot!!

What do you mean? You always had an option to build the statue with a spear that speaks for your glorious battle!




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