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[Game Update] - 575400

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14 minutes ago, Echsrick said:

in what way where they not generating correctly?

An overflow to the random generator seed was forcing it to always use seed 2147483647 instead of the desired modulus.

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3 hours ago, DamnUniverse said:

Shattered Spider Hole regrowth and Spider Queen Mutant boss suggestion.

Regrowth Shattered Spider Hole.png

If you wanna ask for that go for the beta  ranch stuff rather than random hotfix even though i like the idea.

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7 hours ago, JesseB_Klei said:

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the 32 bit version of the game not generating worlds correctly.

Small hotfix to fix a critical gameplay issue.


View full update


When will the lag and stuttering when picking up items or opening container while using the lag compensation be fixed, and when will the infinite cave loading bug that occurs when multiple people enter a cave at once (especially when using the Wanda rift watch to travel between the ground and caves) be fixed? I don't know about other issues, but these two bugs are making the game incredibly frustrating and irritating. Please, I beg you, could you fix these two bugs asap? I implore you. Is there no way to fix them?

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Since willow change happened and fire stacks sanity for her now, could you do the same with fire damage of a stack? As means of a volatile way to combat your enemies and annoying to solo bosses alike. Cause some of us enjoy using furnaces to cook enemies and instead of adding resistance there could be a damage cap or something it could be neat to have that damage back again. Could be highly beneficial for Willow to be on higher combat value against enemies with fire weakness, would add a use for scale mail to feel actually protective and useful for non fire focused characters to use. 


Klei please add fire combat more viable like so, I yearn to cook my enemies alive :(

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