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Alt clicking on everything to complete scrapbooks is too tedious

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Interacting with stuff in any form should add to the scrapbook, like hitting/killing an enemy, picking up material, equipping a piece of clothing/armour. This way would also allow adding shadow creatures, which you can't inspect.

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3 minutes ago, abrocator said:

I have killed things and they still “require more investigation”.

I think they should change the rule to: right-click or have seen it at least six times already.

You need to examine them not kill them to investigate

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On 6/12/2023 at 7:38 PM, gamehun20 said:

I mean what do you want for completing a book?

It's not like I want the reward. I don't like they spent time making this something useful like tutorial. New players need to be told everything or they will get kicked for stuff they had no way of knowing or they will die to something easily preventable but not obvious until too late. 

I'm salty there's so little players here and tons in china. I envy them. Many players who get this game don't play it long because of the way you discover mainly weather, biggest proof of the way things are now being just pain is how people don't join pubs in other seasons than autumn. 

You need to spend too much time on this game to enjoy it. This game requires too much patience from players.  

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On 6/12/2023 at 7:10 PM, Wonz said:

What's the reward for scrap book completion?

Being able to look up everything in-game (on a surface level) rather than the wiki.

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2 hours ago, july401 said:

Reward:  some Wick or Maxwell's book skins if possible

That'd definitely be neat, but personally I don't really think they should directly encourage filling out the scrapbook like that. Nothing should really be locked behind something that tedious

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