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Which boss fights are most and least-enjoyable, single-player?

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There's a lot of talk about which boss is hardest and how to fight each one, but I'm curious which boss fights people find most enjoyable single-player.  Confession: I've never been super excited about boss fights.  Always preferring the survival and discovery aspects of the game.

Most enjoyable (best first):

  1. Klaus.  I use 2-3 dwarf stars, a magiluminescence, a thulecite crown, darkswords, and a road.  I usually include some real armor for the 2 krampuses.  I guess I think dodging is kind of fun.  Also, the puzzle of finding the deer, horn, sack, etc.
  2. Deerclops, probably because it's quick.  I like walking him around to chop trees and mine rocks and getting him aggroed on other monsters.  It's nice that he doesn't eat things.  The danger to the base feels real.
  3. Bearger.  It's so satisfying to drop honey on the ground, pick it up, and make him charge a host of trees.  He often eats things I wish he wouldn't, but that's his theme.  The insulated pack is a really good item early to mid-game.
  4. Shadow chess pieces - another one where the lead-up is probably more intense than the fight.
  5. Ancient Guardian.  I like all the dodging and leading it into pillars.  Using it's own strength against it is a nice theme.

Least enjoyable (worst first)

  1. Toadstool.  It's just too long.  I can't imagine misery toadstool.  Actually, as Walter, he's not too bad if you come with tons of thulecite rounds and get him stuck on a pond.  The ranged attack really helps here.
  2. Fuelweaver.  I've only done this a few times (and only in practice) but there is so much to do at once.  It's extremely frustrating if you make a mistake and he ends up healing back to full health.  Also, it's just really hard.  I feel stressed out after practicing for this.  If I hadn't lost my houndius shootius to a frog rain, I'd totally cheese him in my real game.
  3. Antlion.  Blessedly short as Wolfgang, but nearly impossible as Walter.  The reason this isn't rated worse on my scale is that you can get the drops by fishing and feeding it a beach toy instead of killing it, which is what I generally do.
  4. Bee queen.  Another long and difficult one.  The dodging and different phases are kind of interesting though.
  5. Dragonfly.  Also long and difficult, though dropping 7-9 gunpowder on the ground and lighting it every time I put her to sleep and fighting as Wolfgang yield some smack-downs and scales which is fun.  As Walter, this is a very painful fight.  I have not kited her yet.

Bosses I have not fought:

  • Crab King
  • Celestial Champion

Which fights do you find most/least enjoyable?  Also, which characters are particularly suited/unsuited to each boss in solo play?

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My list of the bosses >

The most enjoyable -

1. Klaus - this boss is super fun to fight and learn. Health, attack patterns are all balanced even for 1 player. Loot doesn't disappoint either.

2. Celestial Champion - I like this boss design, his mechanics. He is hard, but kitable. I also love the crown.

3. Ancient guardian - this boss fight is unique, I find it very enjoyable. Loot is also amazing.

4. Eye of Terror - very easy boss with fun dodging mechanics and decent loot. Love it.

5. Daywalker - unique fight, kinda similar to eye of terror dodging mechanics, but has some advanced attacks too. Loot is decent  (yes, I like Dreadstone Armor)


Least enjoyable >

1. Toadstool - toadstool mechanics are fine (expect tree spam), it is just health pool which is extremely high for solo player. This fight is not even hard, it is just long and tedious. Loot is also trash.

2. Crabking - crabking is the most punishable boss. 1 mistake and you are dead. And overall boss fight is long and very repeatable. (and not rewarding expect celestial champion quest line)

3. Bee queen - I dont like how this boss fight (without using any catapults etc) is just tanking and spam panflutes cheese. I love her design, but something could be changed here.


And that is it! I find all other bosses mostly enjoyable to fight. Ancient Fuelweaver was very very hard boss to learn ( probably the hardest one ) to beat in solo and the fight is very stressful, but I like it! The theme is cool, mechanics are interesting, drop is amazing. 

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my favorites for solo are Klaus, CC and Eye of terror, not a fan of fighting twins/bee queen solo or crab king in general. never tried Toadstool in solo, haven't tried fighting Daywalker yet. 

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my personal tier list goes something like

SSSS++ - fuelweaver
A: dragonfly
B: toadstool, celestial champion, bee queen, shadow pieces
C: ancient guardian, nightmare werepig, antlion, klaus
D: ("it exists") - everything with less than 10k health except antlion
E: crab king
FF--: twins 

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from the ones i most enjoy to the ones i least enjoy


2-celestial champion

3-ancient guardian



6-toadstool with the now patched farming tiles cheese

7-all seasonal bosses and the eye

8-the shadow pieces

9-nightmare werepig

10-the twins



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Actually you can just drop anything eatable on the ground & pick it back up to cause Bearger to charge at you, not just honey- so yes a flower petal or rot will work.

As far as my personal favorite boss fights I really love Feastclops & the Eye of Terror.

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S (also Daywalker boss) - a lot of interesting attacks, worthy rewards, requires different tools and skill
A - takes some time, but still moderately interesting
B - rewards are a-ok, but boss is very simple because of kiting pattern
C - boss is not worth its drops, or is more interesting to kill with cheese
D - cheese just to progress

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Klaus is just so good. The twist mid battle was a real good moment the first time.

Nightmare Werepig also doesn't disappoint.

I really love malbatross' design, just can't help but go at it whenever it spawns.

Toadstool I also enjoy, against the odds.

I'm having a hard time thinking of a boss i did not like fighting. If I had to choose, it would be pre rework Ancient Guardian. I just couldn't get into it.

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Solo fighting-wise I love fighting Klaus, it's very easy when you prioritize speed. Ancient Guardian I'm confidant in fighting and enjoy the mechanics of kite to stun. All seasonal bosses are fine. EOT is simple enough for a re-fuelable helmet. I'm not confidant enough to solo either CC or AFW, but enjoy the fight with other people.

Bee Queen sucks to solo, the first part being so tank-y, and the drops being so worthwhile makes me upset. In my solo Wormwood world i just farmed up enough gunpowder to knock her down to low enough hp to tank the rest. I feel like her mechanics need to be reexamined so that some level of strategy can be implemented because simply tanking past the first phase is not fun game design imo. Crab King sucks too but we all know this.

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Strictly as a question of who I love to solo:

Most notably, I love Klaus and the Ancient Guardian. Satisfying patterns and rhythm with just one person... Ancient Guardian might just be the best overall because the RNG behind where pieces fall keeps things interesting.

On the other end, Ancient Fuelweaver still gives me absolute fits trying to solo without using cheese. I long for the day where this one feels as automatic and fun as dang near every other fight in the game for me, but it still overwhelms me solo, and any slipups during its healing phase are absolutely crushing. That said, it's probably one of, if not the best designed fight in the game. Just a masterpiece of atmosphere and mechanics, technically doable alone but really satisfying to do with others (and delegating responsibilities).

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First the bosses I would say are more challenging.


AFW - This fight has just enough involved in it to make it a great solo challenge without being overwhelming.  There are a lot of things to keep track of, and generally in a way that feels engaging.  Its easy to bring enough stuff to ensure victory as long as you don't let it sneak in much healing.

Dfly - Similar to AFW the dfly has enough going on solo to make it fun BUT I don't like it with characters that aren't damage boosted.  Its not a matter of dfly's health but rather the lavae.  If you can't kill it between its attacks you must rely on something like ice staffs or wall to handle the lavae and that takes away some of the engagement for the fight.  I think if the lavae health was reduced by half this would become a great fight for any character to jump in with.
(gonna throw in a gripe, as I do - since the attack speed nerfs neither Wolfgang with dark sword or Wanda with whip get a guaranteed second scale and this sucks.)

Shadow Chess Pieces - These are actually pretty cool because players have actually found value in the different orders of killing them.  I love that its not just always x => y => z.  The attacks from each piece and their behavior is different enough that you feel it all, but at the same time its perfectly manageable kiting them all around solo.


Bee Queen - The loot for bqueen is great, but the fight is not lol.  I feel many people just cheese her one way or another b/c they want the drops and don't want to put up with her mechanics.  They're just too simple - having a pack of drones just move towards you and attack gives no room for creative plays or interaction with the boss.  Its entirely one sided, where you have to go pretty far out of your way to set up times to actually get damage on her.

Crab King - so much going on, and the risk of failure is pretty much absolute.  If you mess up on something there is a good chance you get sunk and just fail out.  imo that's a problem more with boating and the whole ocean design then just CK, but its a time when I feel it more.  Also I feel its a bit dumb that there are all these different gem powers you can slot into him but almost all of them just suck.  I hate seeing dev time wasting making things that will never get used b/c they are just bad options and fake choices.

Less challenging.


NMWerepig - I feel this is a pretty good addition to the game.  It has a nice pattern where its strong so you must dodge, and where it has downtime for you to get damage in.  imo its one of the best fights in concept even though its fairly easy.  If we got new bosses like this that were more difficult I'd be happy.

Klaus - Its predictable and that makes it easy, but its also extremely engaging.  Weaving different attack patterns depending on the spell being case, reaction to extra screams or leap attacks keep you on your toes.  Taunts and resurrection feel cool while playing.  The loot is random so it can be a bit sub, but its also kinda thematic since you're opening presents so you always get surprised.

Ancient Guarding - the fight is great for early game when you don't have a lot of equipment prepared.  Leading it around to knock it into pillars and debris is really intuitive.  The extra dark tentacle spawns in the second half add a bit of risk if you aren't on your toes too.  Great re-work!


Toad - just too too many trees.  Seriously these things are just too common.  There is also the issue of damage reduction which I feel is a bad mechanic in general for mobs, especially with so much hp to begin with.  If the trees were reduced I feel the rest of the fight is good enough - even the health - just too many trees.

Malbatross - mostly b/c I don't like how it damage boat masts super easy, and its hard to kite on a boat.  Also the loot is pretty passable so its not something I ever feel really inclined to do except to check off that I killed it.

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1. ancient guardian

2. klaus only behing ag because finding his sack and the deer are annoying, and if you live in a deciduous he can grief your base

3. celestial champion

4. nightmare werepig

5. eye of terror

6. twins of terror, would be higher if minion spam wasnt so high

7. antlion, fight is fun (albeit i have a mod that prevents me from attacking sand spikes), just wish you didnt need a thermal stone to start the fight

8. deerclops

9. shadow pieces, kinda lame how the knight isnt realistically 1v1-able without bone armor

10. bearger

11. moose/goose, if ai wasnt buggy with prioritizing staying near nest over fighting player, minus points because i live next to a quad goose setpiece which is very annoying

12. dragonfly, not interesting fight, basically just an hp sponge

13. bee queen, fun if you have 24 catapults, otherwise you need either panflute spam or some really weird wall setups, really annoying

14. ancient fuelweaver, for a solo character with no damage modifiers this boss is not fun, tons of micromanaging (your inv, woven shadows, shadow hands, bone cage), when you get 4 thuribles fight gets better, and if you set up catapults + 20 houndius the fight becomes fun because of how cheap it is to do.

15. malbatross, not fun that it destroys masts which basically forces you to fight it on a sacrificial boat instead of just fighting her on the boat you actually use for sailing

16. toadstool, not really a boss, more of a resource check (if you have enough resources you win, no actual skill required)

17. crab king, loot sucks, fight is spammy, not a whole lot of options to fight it realistically without making it a larger resource sink than misery toad, and its a boat boss so it's worse by default

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Most enjoyable to fight:

1. Deerclops

the boss I always fight first since the eye helps prepare me for the next two seasons with the eyebrella and also to chop tree's

2. Celestial champion

I enjoy the hardwork that needs to be done to be able to fight it and the different phases can get you if you don't know what to expect but that's what makes it exciting 

3. Bearger

I like the insulated pack and again helps cuts trees so fast looks adorable when it eats :wilson_love:

4. Dfly

 The mechanic of it enraging when the larvae dies gets me unexpected so I have the panflute ready to spam in case and i fight it with different characters to see if I can at least kill it once instead on relying on a bit of damage boost like wigfrids or Wolfgang 

5.twins of terror and eye of terror

Enjoys terraria so always nice to see a boss from a game that I played

6.moose/goose it's funny to see moose being obliterated by a group of mobs due to moose being a single target attacker and the babies are goofy plus the little honks are cute which I like

Least favorite to fight:

1.crab king it's a fight that's required to make progress in the story which is fine I don't like the prep for it as bringing alot of weatherpanes,ice staff,boat patches or boards I'm not as fast to switch my items to do so many things at once 

2.fuelweaver I like the design and the fight I'm just not good at it I know what to do but I cant swap weapons and items as fast plus one mistake he can heal up fast

3.malbatross the beak is useful to make the watering can I don't fight malbatross at all since i don't want to fish to try to make it spawn or look for it I rely on Klaus bag to try to get the beak 

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My least enjoyable fight is Dragonfly, her loot is incredibly underwhelming.. AND I personally only fight her Solely just to craft the Broodling pet den critter- so needless to say she has wayyy too many health points for what I’m fighting her to obtain and it’s a fight that takes way too long, that pretty basic & boring.
her boss statue does look pretty cool though- so I guess there’s that.

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