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What kind of crafted items would you like to see in the (Shadow Side) update?

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We already got some new crafts by using the brightsmithy, so I'm curious about what can we get from the shadows if we get new crafts too. I'm going to show you some of my ideas for new crafts, but I am mostly curious about yours, so let me know.

  • Life stealing amulet, I think it's self-explanatory, it's a life giving amulet infused with pure horror, so now life steal instead of healing you using your hunger, also if you die while wearing it, it will break and restore you 50% of your health.
  • Obelisk, just for decoration purposes I love their skins and I want to be able to craft them in my base.


  • Cat's eye stone, they work as purple gem for the Telelocator focus, but doesn't break.


  • Excalibur, works as a sword that can slow enemies attack speed, and as a hammer that can break obelisks. Visually it will be like this but with dread stone instead.



I want to do this!!


So tell me your ideas, I'm really curious about it. :wilson_love:

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You guys seriously can’t piece it together? Huh well okay fine, almost every single character from solo DS or every Rework rework/refresh/new character in DST has been a means of providing characters “Early or Easier Access” to items they would normally obtain through playing the game for long periods of time.

For Example: Wes’s Speedy Balloon is only useful until you get a Walking Cane. Walter is instant Access to Chester & Beefalo Mount, Walani is Instant Access to Ocean Content without needing to build a boat, Wanda is an alternative or better version of reviving/teleportation.

The TL:DR every character gives instant or convenient alternative access to an item you can obtain later into the game, such as WX78’s night vision circuit that completely replaces Moogles

So with that said… I’d like to see some of the stuff Maxwell can do from his Refresh added into the game as Shadow Weapon Abilities, such as a polar opposite of the Brightshade Staff that has “Shadow Sneak” transforming abilities.

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wouldn't mind a axe/shovel combination, I'd prefer if the brightshade shovel was reworked to be an axe instead of a hoe. i see what klei was trying to do by letting you dig up weeds and till with one tool, but it's just not worth making, especially considering how cheap gold tools are.

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4 hours ago, Mike23Ua said:

You guys seriously can’t piece it together? Huh well okay fine

Please don't be so unnecessarily arrogant over random speculation. If what you said was so obvious you'd think they'd have implemented something similar in the Brightshade equipment. You could be right, but we're still in the dark about this

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