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Which Lunar New Year Event Would You Prefer?

Which Lunar New Year Event Would You Prefer?  

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  1. 1. Which Lunar New Year Event Would You Prefer?

    • Year of the Rabbit
    • Year of the Bunnyman

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personally, i think bunnyman makes more sense. year of the carrat already accomplished a lot of what could have made year of the rabbit fun, and i'd love to see something new with bunnymen be introduced.


in any case, i'd still really like to get a rabbit pet from the critter den!


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There is a lot of room for improvement for the bunnymen civilization. Although I don’t want to create false expectativas and more realistically we may get some small mini game with them, or just some decorations for the bunny hutches. But honestly a significant change in the interactions with bunnymen would be neat.

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While I believe that Year of the Varg and Year of the Gobbler were quite nice due to their simplicity and them not forcing any minigames upon the player, in my opinion Year of the X events are a general waste of time and effort on Klei's part unless their titular mob gets an update.

Anyhow, back to the topic

I don't see how one excludes another. Klei could add the ability to stick your hand into rabbit's hole. During the event you'd pull up small/medium sacks, outside of the event; twigs, carrot, chance to get bitten for 10 dmg etc. Big sacks would be acquired by befriending bunnymen with festive ribbons around their ears.

Items and permanent updates to mobs:

-Rabbits now run away from the player, not straight to their hole (like shipwrecked crabbits)

-Aforementioned ability to stick ur hand in the rabbit holes

-During winter bunnymen become more fluffy, increasing the chance to drop puffs

-2 bunny villages in caves are connected via wormhole

-craftable white carpet with bunny puffs

-maybe some Pig King-esque mob/structure for the bunnies

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If rabbits do not attempt to eat the veggies out of your gardens I will be highly disappoint with Year of Rabbit/Bunny people update.

wait.. Year of the Bunny. (Covers updating both rabbits & Bunnymen) 

What I would enjoy- “Base Invasion attempts to attempt to steal crops” 

What I will get- a stupid Mini game where I compete against A oversized bunny (Bugs Bunny as Chungus) where the prizes will be full body rabbit costumes- Warly will enjoy it since he already dressed up as a Carrat.

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