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  1. There is no option with Winona's catapults. In the last two worlds, this was my method. And technically, it wasn't pillar cheese, but just a very sharp turn of the corridor. I was lucky with the generation so that I could put catapults, provoke him, run "around the corner", and when he ran at me, he was stopped by the abyss. And since he has the AI of the rook, he didn't think of going around it, and the catapults took him apart quite quickly. And I prefer them, because it means that the price of killing him is only a few pieces of saltpeter(not counting the materials for the construction, but three catapults is not expensive). Probably, it would be about the same with Walter or Houndius Shootiuses, although my strategy is partly risky - the horn can fall off the edge of the abyss, so I usually finish him myself, closer to the center of the arena. I think, to solve this problem, in the future I will use anenemies, though they and Houndius Shotiuses are both quite slow. In any case, I play alone and don't like to fight, so trying to arrange a fair fight with him was always tedious and it seemed that it was not worth it.
  2. If you're on the PC and this is your world, you can delete it using the console command. If you're on the console or the world isn't yours... I'm sorry about your struggles. But yeah, totally useless thing. It really should be optional.
  3. A minute of crazy theories - it always seemed to me that anenemies and skittersquids are kinda similar. Purple, in the form of a star and with teeth. It would be fun if they were like caterpillars and butterflies - one creature that changes in the course of life. Or maybe anenemies are actually dead skittersquids, washed ashore like kelps and mutated under the influence of the moon into this kind of predatory plants. This could explain the presence of white teeth - this is the same mutation as in toothy moon hounds. And most importantly, skittersquids are renewable - they appear every new moon. Which means that they can swim to the lunar island and turn into anenemies there as much as they and you want.
  4. Giant crops spoil 4 times slower than their corresponding regular sized crops(which usually rot in 6-10 days). But if you harvest them, they will be considered lying on the ground, and spoil twice as fast - or rather only 2 times slower. And no, the crops you get is always fresh as long as the giant crop is fresh, so if you calculate the time, you can "store up" the plants, leaving them on the farm and breaking them for fresh food only when necessary.
  5. Considering that their natural biome is the lunar island, which is a piece of the moon and fell from the sky, their appearance in this way seems almost logical and in the crazy spirit of the game. XD
  6. This doesn't really apply to skin color, but... As I said earlier, in Wanda's skin by default, her hands are gloved. Because of this, she can't wear such skins as these spiked bracelets - they completely overlap, only showing a little during the animation. All the hands that are "bracelets" do not affect the appearance of the hands themselves, and in the case of Wanda, this means that they will either not be visible at all, or only a part of them at the shoulders. In fact, this is not only her problem - Woodie has the same thing, because his hands cover his wrists by default. And Winona's, too. I think there are more, but it all comes down to the fact that the bracelet skins are on the back layer relative to the hands. I don't know if this is intended as such, but because of this, such skins are not always suitable for some characters, and since you have decided to dig through this system, maybe you can see if something can be done?
  7. M, another little thing that I noticed - the Free Roaming Feet skin really does change, but in the case of non-human characters, even this skin takes into account only their "main" appearance. But these are the very characters whose entire color scheme dramatically change depending on the skin. It's cool that these feets turn green if you put them on Wormwood or red if you put them on Wortox, but almost any appearance other than the standard one makes even these colors unsuitable. Of course, making every possible item suitable for every possible appearance is quite a lot of work, but it would be a nice attention to detail.
  8. You're reading my mind! I wanted to address all the same issues, and in fact, I am facing exactly this problem a long back then, while choosing Warly's outfit, but with Wanda it was felt especially acutely, because in her "main" skin, her hands are gloved by default. That is, in order to "remove" them, you need to replace them with something that looks like ordinary hands - bracelets do not affect this. But in this case, the color doesn't match. Of course, you can choose a different skin completely, but in this case the hairstyle changes, and it's just more expensive. I understand why this is so - because the skins works so they is superimposed on the part of the body, and for the most part, the skins that don't completely cover the hands are actually personal. They were drawn specifically for characters with light skin and this was before we had darker characters. And even now there are only three of them - Warly, Walter and Wanda. Plus, there are non-human characters for whom such skins are also not suitable. It would be cool if they redraw them, making them more universal.
  9. Okay, I'm sorry. I didn't want my suggestion to sound like an excuse to close the topic because someone from the fan base had already thought of it. And I agree that console players shouldn't be deprived of any added features. Also, I really like the idea of inlaying. Maybe they can use moon lenses for this, instead of just gems? Many have been trying to find more applications in crafting for them.
  10. It's not broken, it's just not finished yet. This mod is only a couple of days old, as well as everything that applies to Wanda in general. Give it time. And I'm not arguing that mods should always be the solution, it's just one of the possible options. If you don't like the idea of using mods, I'm not forcing anyone, but just mentioning its existence doesn't contradict the topic. Someone may find it useful, even if it's a temporary solution. And this doesn't mean that I don't agree that this is a useful feature and it would be nice to see it in the main game.
  11. There is already a mod about changing the name with a pen. Although it's fresh, so they still fix the bugs. But most likely in the near future it will be finished. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2602814715 As for the main game, I'm not sure if they will do anything about it. The inability to distinguish between different clocks can be considered part of the balance for such a strong item. This, and also the fact that the purple gem already has a purpose and can't be used for this.
  12. I don't think that with the year of the beefalo, something has changed in the main system of domestication? They only adding bell and skins. But it doesn't affect taming, only whether the beefalo follows you and teleports like chester and how it looks. The main system is still the same. But if you need guides, here are some links. I think everything is correct there. https://dontstarve.fandom.com/wiki/Guides/How_to_domesticate_a_Beefalo
  13. I think this is determined by the leaves at the top of the screen. If they are there, then the effect is applied. I had a dryer and a gate at the very edge of the shadow, and they were burning. I'm not sure about the lightning, but probably the same. It's unlikely that large trees "attract" lightning in the same way as a lightning rod.
  14. A bit of a strange question, but does anyone know if there is a mod that makes catcoons stop coughing when they are not tamed? I have a few for the butterfly farm, but they constantly spit out completely unnecessary items, littering the entire pen, mostly with rot. And everyone knows how annoying rot is in a late game.
  15. I remember that when I was first dragged into the game along with several friends, the one who attracted us, and who at that time was the only one who knew anything about the game... Well, he told us WHAT to do, but he didn't tell us WHY. And because of this, much of the game remained unclear and his advice made little sense. The simplest thing is that he said not to go to the swamp, never and under no circumstances. But he didn't say that there were tentacles there, and that the real thing you should't do in a swamp is to stand still if you're not sure that this place is safe. As a result, almost everyone died there, trying to pick up each other's things from the same tentacle. What I want to say is that if a beginner doesn't understand the reasons, then even if your advice is effective, they are unlikely to listen to it, and at the same time they will most likely be afraid to try something different, something that you, as a mentor, didn't tell them about, because they simply doesn't yet know that this is a possible option in the game. It's not necessary to explain everything in great detail, many will argue that this is against the genre, but if a beginner has questions, answer them, and not just "do this, because I already know this game and I said so". This doesn't add to their understanding. If you advise to find and fight with a certain mob, tell how a drop from it will be useful. If you advise to build something - again, give a reason to build it. Otherwise, they will not have their own motivation to do it, except that you said that it is necessary. And sometimes they may not even realize that this is optional. Also, it depends on the type of player. Some people, like me, like to read everything about the game that is possible before trying it themselves. While one of my friends, on the contrary, likes to dive into games completely blind and appreciates when they are intuitive. It depends on the person, and you should find out where your friend is on this spectrum in order to understand how much advice to give them. Some may be interested after watching the review, some - the gameplay, some - after a full-fledged trip to the wiki. And some people just need to be thrown into the world and see after which death they will begin to understand at least something. But even so, DST is not friendly to those who don't know anything about it at all, so first you can explain the basic mechanics - darkness, sanity, hunger, crockpot, armor, kiting in battle, seasonal conditions, character abilities. It seems like a minimum, to make a first impression about the game. And then see how it goes.