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  1. This, but with a way to get lumpy or petrified evergreen trees in there. I would suggest a moon tree too, but I guess it won't fit in a pot... Oh well. We need more trees!
  2. The good news, though, is that it works on mushroom spores too. That is, you don't need to individually wrap each spore in crown shards so that they all stay alive. You just need to have one shard in the lamp and the other three slots can be filled with bare spores. This significantly reduces the cost of creating colored light, and this is actually useful and practical information that I didn't know about. So thanks for making me check it out.
  3. Hah. I didn't know about it, and surprisingly, it really works! But the thing is, even one shard of the crown already gives the maximum radius of light. If you have shards, you don't need to add anything else to the rest of the slots. It doesn't even work like using them as white light for some color combinations. So they do indeed stay alive, but there is no benefit in it, unless you want to use the lamp as a temporary storage for them for some reason. And no, other lightbugs won't be circling around, I checked. It would be cool though.
  4. I've done an experiment with everything you can put in a lamp, and here's the result: Lightbug - lasts 8 days, leaves fresh light bulb when dies, so it's 33 days total if not fed. Crustashine - lasts 20 days before dies. Quite a lot if you ask me, you can just feed them at the last day of the season and this way never forget. Light bulb - lasts 25 days. Glow berry and lesser glow berry - both lasts 44 days. Mushroom spore - lasts 60 days.
  5. It looks wrong, no? I recently get Victorian Salt Box, but I think the picture was fine before - otherwise I would have noticed when I was weaving the item. Has these pictures been updated and someone didn't notice the missing/shifted layer? In the game itself it's fine, it's only images in the menu, both large and small. I also looked through the rest of the skins, but it seems that the problem is only with these two.
  6. Probably an unpopular opinion, but I like a small meteor field. Maybe it's my luck, or maybe it's really part of the generation algorithm, but in my experience this biome has often spawned next to other biomes that are useful to me, but not too closely. The distance was perfect, so that I could build a safe base next to everything I needed, and ALSO have a moonstone, a regular stone, nitre, a free woodcutter and treeguards spawner, where I can bring bosses for an easy battle, which also means a lot live logs. Whereas the main meteorite biome was almost always at the other end of the map and it was inconvenient to get there. So yeah, I love this biome when it has a good location. This biome also has a more convenient size for me, unlike a full-fledged mosaic biome with only a small meteorite part, so in its case there are more chances that there will be more other biomes around that are useful to me. So if you know where the firing zone ends, you can build a base within walking distance, but so that nothing is destroyed, and enjoy all the benefits, even if it's a little niche.
  7. YAY! It's finally sitting right! Unfortunately I can't check the rest since I don't own them, but thanks to everyone involved in fixing this. Our boy deserves pretty hats! On that note, I decided to go through all the hats I DO have access to... They're all really good, but some less popular still look a little weird specifically in profile. It's not significantly off, but I have a feeling that they are too bulging forward, and maybe they should be moved a few pixels back. Also, for some of them, there's a bang that probably shouldn't be visible, yet it's there. Although it's subjective, of course, especially the last three, and I'm nitpicking. You've done a wonderful work!
  8. I can see that the hat in profile has become better, but in full face, it still flies. But I guess it's a tricky thing to track compatibility between all the different skins.
  9. Yes, the crown works, but it's a drop from a much later boss than guardian and deerclops. And there are already things in the game that serve the same purposes in different ways. Maybe some players don't want to wear a crown all the time, or there are a lot of players on the server, and not everyone has a crown yet. The houndious is not tied to being worn by a specific player. And after installation, you can't just take it with you when you disconnect, it will still serve the others in this area. So I still think it might be useful.
  10. This reminded me of the comment in the little-known facts that gestalts avoid shadow objects (like the night sword or night light) in a narrow radius. And I think houndious is qualified as a shadow creation, no? Even if the nightmare fuel is not used in the recipe directly, I'm sure that the guardian's horn is saturated with it, especially in the context of its rework - it directly pours fuel out of itself. So what if the installed houndious scared off the gestalts in the one to two screen radius, as a powerful source of shadow magic? This would make it useful for protecting the territory during active moon storms (maybe even protecting from getting a storm in this area the first place, a feature that people have been asking for a very long time now). Or even on a lunar island - although I think it will be weaker there? This is the very source of lunar magic, and there are all these lunar cracks. (Maybe they will interfere with houndious work depending on the moon cycle, completely blocking the protection on the full moon, but not affecting on the new moon in any way?) Of course, it's more of a passive effect for houndious, and I still think its attack and speed should be increased. But that would be an interesting specialized QOL, wouldn't it?
  11. No, I know what you meant. I was just pointing out that the petrified versions already do this, but we can't properly use it. More control is good in both cases.
  12. Deliberate petrification would be cool. It's like creating statues, which, by the way, don't change size. But the only way to get them is to plant trees in a certain place and wait, hoping that they will petrify at the right stage, and this can take a really long time, so it's clearly not the most... convenient idea for decoration. Petrifying or changing evergreen to a lumpy version in a pot for a festive tree would also be super cool. We have these moon potions that swap any plants and animals for their lunar island equivalents, and a clean sweeper for purely decorative skins, so I don't see why adding something similar would be a problem.
  13. Not in Canada. So I think Klei's characters are fine.
  14. Bonus points if both encyclopedias are the only books that retain their effect when read by any characters. These are encyclopedias. Books that exist to explain things. Basically, it would eliminate the need to constantly switch to Wicker just to create something in a world without caves. She's still a strong character without this, so it won't make her useless just because of the loss of the unique right to read one book that doesn't even have a "magic" effect. Plus, other characters may have a stronger loss of sanity from this and they will have to be careful with timely recharging of the book. And again, recipes are not remembered forever. If Klei doesn't do this, give this idea to some moder.