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Should the Ancient Psuedoscience Station get a skin?

Should the Ancient Pseudoscience Station  

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  1. 1. Should the Ancient Pseudoscience Station get a skin that shows off both it's broken and repaired variants?

    • Yes!
    • No!
    • Maybe sometime in the future when more relevant items and objects receive skins

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It would be great for ruins rusher, showing everyone that they've already been there.

On a serious note, that could be nice addition, especially for megabase builders. They can only exist in specified positions, but so do wormholes and tombstones (which have alternative skins).

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I don't quite care about that structure besides doing my shopping lists of green amulets for construction, to be fair. It looks fine as ancient and mysterious thing that it is, even if it looks kinda derp in design. Unless it's somehow someway gonna be craftable which it likely won't, then no point really.

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7 hours ago, . . . said:

They should probably make the textures HD first before adding skins.

They already exist, they don't have to make any new art to make anything HD, they're all made HD and just lowered then put in.
Making them HD is a simple switch turn, so it wouldn't impede any progress if it were to be given a skin!

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I like worldgen depending stuff getting skins so why not, but especially if they fit existing collections to build around themes than something too new and unfitting with the rest we'd add to it.

So "structures" like Pig King, Moon Stone, those altars and such with skins would be great to me. But in priority, I would still wish for plant skins :]

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