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Maxwell and the walking cane

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That wouldn't make sense, there's really nothing shadow related in this item, though I was hoping most of the different staves could have a buff, so that would include the Lazy Explorer, it's an actual shadow item and you can have that same FX.

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28 minutes ago, ADM said:

Just, with the little speech Maxwell gives every time he equips one of these items, we'd be spammed so much with it, I wish the quotes was on examination more than on equip.

They're already on examination quotes. It's both on examination quotes and also all the time whenever you equip them.


I hope the on equip gets removed before the live build. Or at least make it only say it one single time per item.

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4 hours ago, SullyD said:


The effect of this Walking Cane skin fits so well with the rework.

Any chance of including Walking Cane in the Tier list of equipment that buffs Maxwell?

Maybe an early "Shadow Thurible Build".


Love the idea of maxwell enchanting certaing equipment and guiving em a new effect, even if said effect is just a buff to the duelist

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I hate how ugly the top hat is and magican one shares its ugly look. (Not a fan of custom top hat skins either...)

I honestly would love if instead we got a unique looking hat for Maxwell made of pure shadow or something (it would still functionally be the same magicans hat with just different look that actually feels like a unique character craft rather than a placeholder modded item.)

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