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  1. But, but i need to kill pigs to get mats for my hambat so I can keep killing pigs :'c
  2. this came to my mind hile reading your post XD
  3. Wendy Rework?

    A cool mechanich they could use for wendy would be: making abigail a permanent follower unique to wendy with no hitbox or damage with the ability,under certain circunstance, to posses other enslavable mobs (spiders, pigs, merms and bunny men, rock lobsters). This would give her access to permanent pets and abuse its unique quirks (chopping trees, mining rocks, starting race wars).
  4. Frozen ocean the 3 coldest day of winter just so you can walk to moon island / salt biome would be awesome
  5. I rollback whenever I missplace a structure in a way that triggers my ocd. base building is quite a stressfull thing for me.
  6. This mindset of yours is kind of cool actually. Gotta test it this weekend. yet I still feel bitter at the fact that merms don't agro on the hounds.
  7. Grats! My boyfriend is in love with that skin LMAO too bad it's not for sale
  8. Somehow the act of recruiting them as slaves makes them extremly egotistic, they won't assist their fellow merms, not even the enslaved ones
  9. LOL mine was related initiate a race war and farm the spoils, your interpretation is smarter
  10. Wurt-man Band

    (offtopic) Is there any post compiling all of Wurt related bugs? would be nice to have all these stuff in one place
  11. Next Rework?

    Then again merm are no better than pigs atm. and everyone except for wortox and webber have access to rabbit hutches. If anything w ould love webber to craft his shamlet here in dst.
  12. Out of the 3 skins I like abyssal the most but, all of those breaks my inmersion so I just run arround with the basic skin wearing my fancy high school uniform, and I LOVE HER