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  1. Wilson should be the most newbie friendly character. but not so mechanic intense. His beard is a great example for this since it give newbies a way to survive the 1st ingame challenge (aside from the first night, hi Charlie!) which is winter I would probbably add: Start game with the knowledge to craft meat effigy. Able to craft Red Potions with spider gland and berries (heals 40 hp over 2 mins). Drinking the potion will make his beard grow 1 tier. Wilson Starts the game with 1 Potion :3 Whenever Wilson Craft something one of it's ingredients will randomly drop. (Scrappy scientist) These two coupled with op beard would make him a really good character for new player
  2. Just got the forlon skin set for willow and i believe it to be such a let down taht i have to wait until mid/late game to get my giant kitty
  3. Abbi agro state is not working on me at all
  4. Cute/funny wortox uncorrupted profile pic.

    aye? :wilsconnivingsmile:

  5. But, but i need to kill pigs to get mats for my hambat so I can keep killing pigs :'c
  6. Somehow the act of recruiting them as slaves makes them extremly egotistic, they won't assist their fellow merms, not even the enslaved ones
  7. I Hate that underwear with all my soul (pun intended)