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When I started playing the dlc, I really dug the rocket system of SO compared to the base game, soo much more depth <3.
However, when I started hunting achievments, I got increasingly annoyed at how there is no "AI-Module" of sorts that allows the rockets to fly without dupe input.

This annoyance got me wanting to get a mod, but since there was no mod of that sorts, I had to learn modding myself.

Since that moment I have doubled my time spent in the game developing and debugging my ever increasing list of mods, which I want to present here:

1) AI Controlled Rockets (dlc only)

Rockets that fly without duplicants inside.

2) Space Radiator

Radiate heat into space, based on black body radiation physics.

3) Canned Food

Adds non-spoiling, canned food variants.

4) Buildable Cryopod (dlc only)

Adds 2 constructable cryopods to the game with a custom unlock mechanic.

5) Dream Journal Hitbox fixed

Gives the dream journals a proper hitbox.

6) Daily Routine

This mod allows automatic queueing of a set amount of recipes in any complex fabricator building, allowing for maximum efficiency of production chains.

7) Duplicant Count & Stat Selector

Select between 1 and 100 starter dupes and individually modify their traits and attributes. Feature wise similar to DGSM, opposite to that however compatible with mods that affect dupe generation such as Always 3 Interests by Pholit or Bio-Inks by Aki.

8) Scan & Relay Satellites (dlc only)

Adds deployable satellites that increase the range of logic transmitters and scout the star map. More satellite types to come.

9) ModList Manager

This mod adds Modlists to the game, it allows save game individual mod configuration and importing modlists from steam collections

10) Rocketry Expanded (dlc only)

Many new Rocket Modules, Module Types and QOL Features for Spaced Out Rocketry. This mod is very modular, allowing individual toggles for all features and modules.

11) Rotatable Radbolt Chamber Output

Allows to set the output direction of the radbolt chamber similar to other radbolt buildings.

12) "Move Here" Command Tile.

Adds a tile that allows calling an assigned dupe via logic signal to its location

13) Critter Shedding

Fluffy Critter drop fur balls when brushed (functions as reed fiber)

14) Mineralizer Reborn

A machine to turn Water & Salt into Salt water for those salad farms. Revived and updated Test447 original mod.

15) Balloon Dispenser

Hand out your newly aquired balloon skins with this new Rec building

16) Drywall Colours

Some new colours for your drywall

16) Drywall Colours

Some new colours for your drywall

17) Cluster Generation Manager

Mix and match to create a fully customizable cluster



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I try to play as close to vanilla as possible, with a few mods (and mostly QoL), but AI Controlled Rockets is on my must-have list! It saved me so much sanity in the late-game... Seriously, this should be in the game! (and looking at game files, they wanted to do something similar, but I guess they run out of time before the release... shame....)

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New mini mod released:
11) Rotatable Radbolt Chamber Output

since I made that custom animation for my radbolt module, why not reuse it?

this mod allows to set the output direction of the radbolt chamber similar to other radbolt buildings.

when the mod is removed, all chambers revert to facing upwards


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Released Update 3.0 for AI Controlled Rockets, adding 2 new AI modules while reworking the brain module; adding learning capabilities that allows it to "learn flying", resulting in faster rocket speeds the more it learns. Also you can give the brain a name and put it in different rockets if you desire so


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Created a new mod, "Move Here" Command Tile.

This tiny mod adds a tile that allows to assign a dupe to it.

When that tile recieves a green logic signal, the assigned dupe will get a continuous move command towards that tile. when the tile recives a red signal, all ongoing move tasks get canceled


Also released Update 2.4 of Rocketry Expanded:

tldr: new modules, fuel loader buildings, rocket in-flight docking, qol status items, better rocket build menu (status items) and bug+crash fixes


New Modules:
- NatGas Engine: new engine that burns natural gas & oxidizer
- Solar Nosecone: Nosecone + Solar panels
- Carbon Dioxide Fuel Tank: Stores additional CO2 to increase the range of a CO2 Engine.

New Buildings:
- Insulated Rocket Port Wall Adapter
- Rocket Fuel Loader
- Oxidizer Loader
- Radbolt Fuel Loader
- Docking Bridge

Art for the new modules is made by the wonderful 3GuB (|ScientisT|UA|)

- Docking: Dock rockets together while in space to transfer ressources and dupes.
- Fuel Loaders: These buildings allow automatic refueling of rockets
-  Insulated Rocket Port Wall Adapter - Seal off rocket chimneys
- Generators: added a status item to the rocket that displays the fuel state of all generators
- Rocket gas/liquid input/output wall tiles now allow constructing Fittings connected to it
- Rocket Batteries now add a status item that displays total charge
- Added Tooltips to rocket modules, similar to how the normal build menu functions

Fixes & Adjustments:
- the Fortified Rocket Platform now works correctly with loaders / unloaders
- the "switch module" button is now disabled on habitats to prevent a vanilla crash that happens when you try that
- fixed a crash that would happen after deconstructing a module
- Reworked Critter Containment Module ---> Critter Stasis Module to fix the fact critters would sometimes just die; critters in the new stasis module do not age.


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New Mod released;
Critter Shedding


Certain critters that can be considered fluffy/with fur will shed furballs when they get groomed.

These furballs function as reed fiber, adding a second source for that.

Fluffy Critters are: all Pufts except dense, sage hatch, plug slug, longhair slickster, cuddle pip, drecko


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Updated Duplicant Count & Stat Selector:

- Increased max number of dupes: 16 -> 100

- modifying printing pod dupes is now an option that needs enabling, off by default

- option for additional food & oxylite to support the first few days, amount is dependent on dupe count & set parameters

- dupes no longer spawn buried in the wall

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[Rocketry Expanded]
Update 2.5:

- Better World selector - collapsible categories
- Drillcone Loading with Cargo Loader
- Outdoor Radiation shielding affecting (landed) rocket interiors
- Twitch Event integration
- More infos in the rocket status screen
- Radiation absorption of habitat liquid ports fixed
- Habitat interior radiation and light is now dependant on exterior radiation, unchanged in open space
- Neutronium Alloy & Neutronium Dust:
    - Neutronium Dust is harvested from artifact research, can be refined into Neutronium Alloy
    - Neutronium Alloy is a new, highly insulated metal, required in the construction of large space structures

New Modules & Buildings:
- Drillcone Service Module - More diamond capacity & 20% increased drilling speed
- 3 new Huge Cargo Bays (1 per type)
- Small liquid Fuel Tank
- Loader Ladder Adapter
- Advanced Rocket Platform (shifted logic ports + rocket checklist ribbon output)
- Small Battery Module
- Fridge Module
- Plated Habitat Nosecone

Fixes & Adjustments:
- Radbolt loader can now fill laser drillcones and radbolt storages
- massivly improved Fuel Loader code performance
- fixed a rocket build menu crash, this time hopefully for good
- fixed animation of small oxidizer module
- massive drillcone sidescreen performance boost (both drillcones, might look a bit low framerate tho.)
- reordered mod config with theme-grouped categories
- fixed sound of nat gas engine
- nerfed natgas engine height by 2, range in default config by 1, added config option to change the range.
- fixed animation of vanilla modules: small oxidizer, battery, liquid oxidizer
- small adjustments to nat gas engine anim
- buffed steam generator & coal generator consumption rate
- readded player set capacity to critter module
- Fixed a lot of race condition crashes
- fixed docking door overwriting hatch teleporters


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one new, one revived mod, now released:

Mineralizer Reborn


A machine to turn Water & Salt into Salt water for those salad farms.

Updated the original mod, made by Test447, to function with the current game version, added some extra code to make the salt indicator functional and added an updated animation.

The updated animation is made by 3GuB

15) Balloon Dispenser


Hand out your newly aquired balloon skins with this new Rec building.

Requires 250kg of refined metal to build.

Uses 5kg of Helium/Hydrogen per balloon

Allows individual selection of skins out of your unlocked collection

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Update 3 for Duplicant Count & Stat Selector has arrived!
It allows dupes to generate with more than 1 positive and 1 negative trait at the start and allows SKINS:


This new, dupe shaped button opens a menu that allows you to select the specific look of the duplicant without changing its stats, allowing you to select the looks AND skills you want without many rerolling independent from one another

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