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Tell us what you are trying to do, and you just can't do it...

in other words: whenever you say, AAARRGGHHH, tell us!

for example:

I digged up about 10 items to bring them to the pigking and there were still werewolves (it was halfmoon) so I had to wait for another 2 days until they were completly gone...

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I wanted to get charcoal so I lit up a campfire near some young tree from pinecones that I planted.

It was quite a distance from my farm of 8 Berry Bushes.

But it was too near.

Because I had chopped down the burnt tree, the charcoal dropped a bit too near the bushes and my farm of berry bushes all burnt up.


Ok. Relax.

*goes for berry bush hunt*

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Spent days collecting every berry bush on the map into one massive berry farm, with sapling and grass subfarms. Managed to set fire to the forest nearby (which I had also painstakingly constructed from scratch), and the whole island went up. Couldn't even replace the bushes- there were none left on the map. Argh.

Edit: Forgot to mention that I then proceeded to die at 44 days- one day short of tying my record at the time. Double Argh.

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