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  1. If you want a character without special abilities just play with wilson without the meat effigy... and the 5th character is supposed to be really smart and i think it's going be an old woman!
  2. FEEDBACK! YOu can't use Q&E at the same time as ZQSD (which is logic) But now that dev have implemented Q&E, can you make an A&E for turning for the AZERTY players? RECAP: AZERTY = QWERTY ZQSD = WASD AE = QE What do you think? would you do that?
  3. Excess, I love you! Thank you SOOOOOOOOOO much!!!!! I'm trying them out tonight
  4. The game doesn't have separate save-files. In other words: if you click on new game/new world, your saved game gets erased and a new one gets created... PS: don't die!
  5. nobody? now, I'm getting sad! @Klei-dev team: is here a possibility to change WASD to ZQSD?
  6. The lines are quite funny and it gives that extra touch to the game! so it would be fun if they were translated so that everybody understands them! I support you!
  7. I use traps to mark things on my map! like pig villages, safe 'roads through the swamp, etc... Way 'cheaper' because stones are not infinite yet saplings and grass are...
  8. Willow is immune to fire... for your other questions, try it out and let us know!
  9. I just logged in for another 2 hours of fun with Wendy! And after 1 minute there was a ghost! Apperantly see's my twin sister = Abigail :confused: she doesn't hurt and she gets out of my way... I still don't know what she does... I'm checking it out as we speak And there was also a bird and he was orange/red, I can't remember, I'm too shocked...
  10. Yes, you may cry! We've all been there!
  11. true, but you don't need them in the game... (the digged up items)
  12. Tell us what you are trying to do, and you just can't do it... in other words: whenever you say, AAARRGGHHH, tell us! for example: I digged up about 10 items to bring them to the pigking and there were still werewolves (it was halfmoon) so I had to wait for another 2 days until they were completly gone...
  13. I have a question:impervious... what does that mean? Anyway: if I put a ghost on top of the sleeping mandrake (daytime, twilight or nighttime?) the ghosts gets stuck above the mandrake, right? I just lost my mandrake, and I don't want to loose the 2nd one...