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  1. -Oh, come on, Maxwell, you can't do that. - I said. -Oh, but I can, dear Wilson. It's my work, afterall, isn't it? My work is to punish people. - Maxwell replied. -Why should you punish me? - I said, with a cheeky smile. -Oh, God, isn't it obvious? - He replied. - Most times people says "Oh, no, Maxwell, I swear I didn't that!" or "Come on, Maxwell, can't you do an exception?". But I've never met someone that sincerly thinks his crimes are not crimes at all. You're special, Wilson. In a drastically morbid way, I add. What is he talking about? I've never done anything bad! I'm a scientist, I help people! It's my work. could be for... -Are my guilts my studies on dead corpses? - I said to his detestable face. -Oh, no, I'm not going to punish you for that. - He replied - Dead corpses are dead corpses. They're dead. -Didn't you say? - I added, defiantly. -Shut up. I'm going to punish you for your studies on live corpses. - He said, at last. -Come on, don't joke.- I said. -I'm not joking, Wilson!- he shout - You're lying to yourself!- -I'm not...I...IT WAS FOR SCIENCE- -SHUT UP- -YOU SHUT UP, MAXWELL- *** -You don't look so good pal. You'd be better get something eat before night comes.- What? -I have to go now, there's some mad pyromaniac that is doing lot of problems in the Meat Effigies Deposit. They should make effigies with iron, don't you think? I'd like to get an opinion by an expert. ... -Well, It's late now, I'd be better goin'!- ... --- I actually think something like this happened. Or whatever. But I'm not good at english, so the text is probably full of errors. Excuse me for that. But I still like Wilson. :3
  2. 1 - Nope 2 - When you mine rocks, sometimes a piece of flint could pop-up (like gold) EDIT: If you need "faster" farms you can build speed farms or turbo farms!
  3. I totally agree with you, that map is fantastic! °_° You have everything in a short range! If that map came to me, I'd built a base camp on the top-left island, it's little, perfect for making an island-house! *_* We really need seeds, I want that map!
  4. I think that the problem is Steam Cloud. Saves worked perfectly for me until I disactived my Cloud. And I disactived cloud because if I don't I can't delete my savegames. And If I don't delete savegames every time I start a new game I already have all things resourced from previous games. And I don't really like that, because I WANNA THE ******* GAME BE DIFFICULT.
  5. Yes. I hate having items already researched when i start a new world, so I always have to delete my profile file. But in doing this I also delete my characters, xp, and other statistics! And I don't really like that.
  6. Why do you people say things like this?! Don't give him ideas! ;_;
  7. Omg, how long did you survive without berries\grass\saplings?
  8. She's like a Pig, she attacks enemies. The Red Bird is simply a new animal.
  9. I feel so stupid right now (this goes here, right? It has -minimal- attinence with Don't Starve, so it's not don't topic, right?)
  10. What's the drop probabilty of the tentacle spike? It is better than spear, but how much, exactly? What's his durability?
  11. That's REALLY true. In my first "serious" gameplay (the third) I survived 16 days, without problems. I had tons of food because i always in the same place (the map wasn't so big, too). Then I started again, because I was bored . I passed my first 5\6 exploring, then i continued exploring consistently. I died on my tenth night.
  12. The Image is self-explaining.