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Self-Reliant Superconductive Base

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Obviously not a good idea. Just use interplanetary loaders instead, for goodness sake.

But I kind of want to see what would happen if you tried to make a self-sustaininable habitable module, even if it's just for one duplicant.

Assuming all things are equal, you have three major requirements: food, oxygen, and sand. I want to say that power and cooling can be handled by solar power and cooling loop mechanics, but I can't be certain.

Sand is needed to filter P.water back into regular water. The only "truly" renewable type of sand is Pokeshell, so hopefully there's enough P.dirt in a closed base to feed one and keep up with sand requirements.

Need 1,000 kCal per cycle in food.

Needs for oxygen can vary. A single duplicant consumes 100 g/s or 60 kg/cycle. But if you're trying to fine tune a self-contained base, then might as well give them deep diver's lungs to drop that to 50 g/s or 30 kg/s. And it more has to be in a reserve, as it'll fluctuate between needing the base oxygenated, and an atmo suit oxygenated.


Food was actually not that bad to solve. A drecko ranch fed on balm lilies consumes no resources, so those can act as a source of food (and reed fiber, for repairs to the atmo suit. That's definitely going to be a thing). Any other ranches would reduce the size needed for Drecko Ranch.

Oxygen is the main problem I see. You need a lot of water per second to feed even half a duplicant's breath requirements, and there's not very many ways to get around that.

I saw something about Ethanol Distiller loops being able to feed their own trees and then have excess p.dirt dirt and p.water left over, so maybe those could be processed or filtered? Would Morb to Puft to Slime to Algae Distiller be able to cover things? I dunno, I try to calculate things out myself and end up getting lost in all the conversions between g/s, kg/cycle and everything in between.

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In order to be able to domesticate the arbor trees in the ethanol distiller loop, and remain water positive you will require critter ranching:

1) Using grubgrubs to rub the branches of the arbor trees by building horizontal doors where the middle branches would grow allows the worms to reach all branches and accelerate their growth sufficiently that they become water/dirt positive. I imagine a self harvesting 'waterfall' style farm could be built by using 2 horizontal doors between any pair of adjacent trees, which will increase the farms size.

2) Oakenshells fed on slime, from puft ranches, from polluted dirt sublimation.

Arbor tree requires 70kg/cycle of pH20.

(from wiki) A domestic Arbor Tree that goes through an Ethanol Distiller converts 1kg of Polluted Water into 2.4kg of Ethanol. A Petroleum Generator converts Ethanol at 37.5% Ratio, or 2.4kg of Ethanol into 0.9kg of Polluted Water.

So we need to obtain 7kg/cycle worth of pH20. => 7*2.4/0.9 = 18 2/3 kg/cycle ethanol => 37 1/3 kg/cycle of oakenshell lumber.

(from Fradow): https://forums.kleientertainment.com/forums/topic/140028-info-feedback-on-new-critters/

Quick maths for fed groomed ranching: in addition to its descendant, assuming you get 16 eggs per lifetime, each critter will produce 15 excess critters. At 550kg lumber per critter, that's 8250kg lumber, or 82.5kg/cycle, almost doubling the output. For that privilege, they consume 6685kg of pdirt over their lifetime, or about 67kg/cycle. That means 13 Oakshells to produce 4kg/s lumber, which require 1.45kg/s pdirt. It's not quite enough to make it pdirt neutral, since Ethanol Distillers only produce 1.33kg/s pdirt, but nearly, much like the tame arbor tree ethanol loop with pwater.

1 domesticated oakenshell is sufficient to produce all the lumber we would need, which will require 70kg/cycle of slime to feed (tooltip).

To feed this oakenshell will require 2 pufts partially starved (100kg / (0.66) ~150kg/cycle pdirt (sublimation station) -> 100kg/cycle of pO2 -> 95kg/cycle of slime <=> 70kg/cycle slime -> ~73.7kg/cycle pO2 -> 111.7kg/cycle pdirt)

(from wiki):A domestic Arbor Tree can produce a maximum 333.(3) kg of lumber per cycle or 555.(5) g/s. This means each Arbor Tree can run 0.56 Ethanol Distillers (ie. 1.8 trees per distillery)

333 1/3 kg/cycle lumber from trees + 82.5 kg/cycle lumber from shell => 415 5/6 kg/cycle lumber => 138 11/18 kg/cycle of pdirt => composting 10kg/cycle for the arbor tree results in 128 11/18kg/cycle pdirt => ~16-17kg/cycle excess pdirt.

415 5/6 lumber => ((415 5/6)/4.8) * 0.9 ~ 78 kg/cycle pH20 => 8kg/cycle excess pwater.

Running these excess dirts/water through sublimation station/electrolysis will result in ~18kg/cycle of oxygen (assuming condensing/evaporating this supply of pO2).

To get to a surplus to our figure of 60kg/cycle of oxygen:

4 domesticated trees, 4 oakenshells and 6 pufts should be pdirt, pwater, slime positive and result in enough surplus to make more than 60kg/cycle clean O2 from sublimation->condensation->evaporation of excess dirt and sieve -> electrolysis of excess pwater.

This method would lend itself to using slicksters to consume the CO2 for food - and will lower some of the other requirements due to being able to burn the resultant petroleum for more pwater, although some carbon skimming would likely still be necessary.


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So whoever you send needs to be really good at ranching. Figured as much.

I guess throw a standard pokeshell in there as well, but only for turning P.dirt into sand. Need a little bit of that to run water sieves to recycle the water for the bathrooms. But if you're ranching pufts, then it should also reduce the need to ranch Dreckos for food, so I can see it all sort of balancing this way and that.

It's possible, just a lot of work. Like a lot of things in the game.

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The oakenshell will produce sand when it eats, so for 280kg/cycle input slime, you get 35kg/cycle sand.

The grubgrub route would perhaps be simpler:

Increasing yield of an arbor trees branches by 50% means:

(from wiki) A domestic Arbor Tree that goes through an Ethanol Distiller converts 1kg of Polluted Water into 2.4kg of Ethanol. A Petroleum Generator converts Ethanol at 37.5% Ratio, or 2.4kg of Ethanol into 0.9kg of Polluted Water.

=> 1kg polluted water input becomes 0.9kg * 1.5 polluted water output = > 350g excess polluted water generated.

or: 70kg/cycle polluted water input becomes 24.5kg/cycle excess pwater.

Run the pwater through sufficiently hot steam turbines to create clean water => 24.5*0.99 =24.255kg/cycle clean water. (Requires an autominer to prevent dirt build up in turbines.)

3 domesticated trees => ~64kg/cycle O2 from cleaned excess water. I'm unsure of the number of grubgrubs required to ensure all branches are rubbed as often as possible, each delay has a compounding massive hit - 4 trees and 4 grub grubs would probably be required.

Slicksters again will be handy for food, and turning the petroleum into sour gas yields sulfur for the grubgrubs and potentially sweetles required to ensure you don't run out of grubgrubs.

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So, I thought I'd try and figure out a minimal solution using not too outrageous exploits.

I call it "A shitty solution":

1 Wild Arbor Tree, 3 Pips.

The Pips eat the Arbor Tree and make poop (60 kg/cycle of dirt). The dupe uses some of that poop in an outhouse to make 40 kg/cycle of pdirt (with 2 bathroom breaks per cycle), the pdirt is used in an automated Sublimator (1/14 timer sensor) that meters the polluted oxygen to keep the dupe happily alive in a "low oxygen" environment (+10% stress) perhaps with a little catching breath. The pips, being groomed, provide more than enough eggs to make omelette. 

That would seem to be the entire requirements for bare survival. The dupe of course has no hand washing facilities, so could either be immune to food poisoning, or radiation will easily obliterate the food poisoning germs... or food poisoning actually allows even more pdirt to be made.


Assuming that it's desirable to wear an atmo suit *occasionally*, we need 1 wild Thimble Reed and 1 wild Oxyfern. The Oxyfern can be placed behind a CO2 lock, such that the oxygen is trapped where the dupe can't breath it. That oxygen can be used to slowly recharge the dock.


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A few notes:

  • Sand is not required if you boil pwater rather than use a sieve
  • As you say, food is trivial. Pacus in a Pacubox provide an infinite food source for a very small space usage. That removes the need to groom Dreckos and use less space too.
  • Oxygen is indeed the hardest. The best solution is going to be wild-planted arbor trees for an ethanol loop. Oakshells aren't a great replacement for that, due to being pdirt negative when fed and groomed, though if you go with starvation ranching, the only thing that will suffer is performance (and space), due to needing a lot of them.

Anyway, @Yobbo showed how you can do this challenge. I'm pretty sure his layout will fit in any planetoid, unless you are unlucky with POI spawns.


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Mutated exuberant plants could help. Since they drop pdirt. 

Not sure I'd you're trying to make the module self sustaining or the base on superconductive asteroid itself.  If you're free to use the entire asteroid then alot of things can be done. 

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Self-sustaining at first. If it can grow into it's own base, that's great, but the main goal was to have a tiny area that can keep people from needing to fly home or beg for interplanetary payloads to stay alive.

It's clear I haven't had much time to try out the new Pokeshell morphs, because I didn't know they still produce sand as Oakshells.

I do like the look of the Spicy Tofu module, right until it gets to natural tiles for the Arbor Trees, and I feel mildly depressed. I've been trying to figure out how to make natural tiles for pip planting, and been pretty poor at it. I know what it is in theory, just... not good at it.

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5 hours ago, ekimmak said:

I do like the look of the Spicy Tofu module, right until it gets to natural tiles for the Arbor Trees, and I feel mildly depressed. I've been trying to figure out how to make natural tiles for pip planting, and been pretty poor at it. I know what it is in theory, just... not good at it.

Exploiting the fact that bottles freeze into solid tiles is probably the easiest way: 

There's also the (IMO) less good variant where you put molten glass into hydroponic tiles then deconstruct the hydroponic tiles, generating bottles that immediately freeze into glass tiles.

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Funny enough I just posted my live stream of doing just that.   I was cooking algae using the metal floor tiles method.    Check description and jump to the part where I do the heating with the glass forge.       I didn't do the metal door trick cuz I was metal starved on that tiny planet.   I did the glass forge liquid drop in the previous video but the glass sometimes over heat the dirt into sand.  And most of the time I ended up getting buried objects because the glass pieces ended up getting buried as the dirt formed. 

Heating up the floor tile to cook the algae is probably the best way to do it. 


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You can always build your own geyser to solve any water shortage problems. 


It's definitely an exploit, but has survived for more than a year, even after being commented on by the devs with a possible fix (over a year ago).  Pick your liquid, and have fun mass producing. You don't need sand anymore, and water turns into oxygen and food directly.


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You actually do not need sand.

I have done "wild trees" -> alcohol -> electricity + pwater with a pwater distiller to get clean water successfully. Have wanted to try it for a while and using pokeshells to make sand is just too much of a hassle.

Basically you cool the petrol generator only to something like 70C and the pwater comes out nicely hot. Then you use an aquatuner + tepidizer to heat it up to 130C, drive it through a steam-turbine and cool it down using an a counter-flow heat exchanger to get it down to the desired temperature. With super-coolant, the petrol generator and one dupe on a hamster-wheel should be quite enough to power all this, but I had solar and did not test it. Gives you up to 2kg of clean water per second. You can optimize this further, for example using the aquatuner as part of the general cooling circuit and do away with the tepidizer. I was to lazy to try that. Has been working fine for > 1000 cyles now with one dupe in the base.

No "exploits" in here ;-) (not that I really care)



left: Tree farm, alcohol-making and overall base-cooling (also used for the clean water) at the top

middle: alcohol-burner and some extra alcohol storage at the bottom

right: pwater-boiler, counter-flow heat exchanger as clean water cooler and clean water tanks on top.

Notes :

  • The heat-exchanger uses Thermium, with other metals you will likely need more than 4 elements
  • Should work with water as coolant as well, for lower efficiency
  • Cooling of the petroleum generator is regulated (bypass by valve if already cool enough) as the cooling medium is at around 20C (my standard for base-cooling)


11 hours ago, Jann5s said:

i don't get the "superconductive"

Superconductive asteroid.

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On 7/19/2022 at 9:15 PM, Jann5s said:

i don't get the "superconductive"

It's the spaced out Asteroid with a Niobium volcano on it.

It's only got a Niobium volcano on it, everything else is molten lava. So if you want a base to survive on it, you either need to import supplies or come up with a VERY self-sufficient build.

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