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  1. A few tips, I’ll let some of your questions open for others. 1 ) nat gas geyser is not a very good energy source, try to go solar or coal gen + coal from hatch ranches. 2) dont worry to much about aqua tuner (AT) consumption, worst case it will run out of power not a big deal. But to make a AT+ST (steam turbine) setup you need 1200kg steel and 200kg plastic, start working on those 3) bases usually heat up, so release the cool slush and use it to cool your base, feed the excess into bog buckets or reed fiber
  2. Just the idea of having long corridors with dangerous radbolts flying long distances sounds like a lot of fun to me. Also, this merits a single high radiation source. Like the OP, currently I only see a need for small local radbolt production sites due to the far too short range of the bolts.
  3. @Khullag, i like your setup, and I actually tried this before the platform ports got fixed. But still, dumping into space seems obvious to me. Otherwise, having a baby carbon skimmer and liquid filter would be an option. Currently there simply isn’t enough room to manage waste products efficiently.
  4. Colonizing the further asteroids can be a real challenge. Some are freezing, some are pure magma, getting food and oxygen over there is a puzzle to be solved. Even if you don't care about rare resources, see it as a challenge. This will naturally force you to progress to use more advanced materials (steel, gold, alu, ceramics, etc.) and more advanced rockets.
  5. Venting stuff you don't need out of your rocket module doesn't seem like something far fetched nor difficult to implement. I just want to be able to get those hot nasty gasses out of my rocket living quarters such that I can replace them with fresh oxygen.
  6. Ah, maybe it’s the proximity. My generator was 3 tiles from the corner, while my deflector was like yours. More testing to be done.
  7. Funny, The radbolt generator doesn't shoot through going down-right but the deflector does
  8. I often go back to this excellent manual on pip planting: https://forums.kleientertainment.com/forums/topic/110299-pip-planting-everything-you-need-to-know/?do=findComment&comment=1242580 But now I'm wondering, how does the new resin tree interact with the pips? Does it count as a plant? I have this pip that is not willing to plant, and I'm suspecting the tree, or made a mistake counting to 5 Edit: Well, I've got my answer, while I was posting this, the pip planted the waterweed. Mystery solved I guess,
  9. had to disable my pliers mod, anybody know a workaround?
  10. Ah, cool, as long as it is a known issue than I'm fine. An occasional crash doesn't bother me. I just wanted to let you guys know since you are doing an awesome job with the DLC.
  11. Timeline.sav I did recently colonize another asteroid, but there are no POI buildings on it. I'm not sure what to look for using the dev tools. Here's the save, just in case.