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New to ONI need help

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When your dupes use the water to wash hands, flash the toilets or others, the clean water will turn into polluted water. You will need a Water Sieve and filtration medium to turn polluted water to clean water. Your dupes may pee on the ground and those would also be polluted water. Polluted water dropped in clean water won't turn the water to polluted water in ONI world.

According to Wikipedia, Pressure is the force applied perpendicular to the surface of an object per unit area over which that force is distributed. Air pressure in ONI is similar to real life, the gas element will evenly distributed in the world. High air pressure may cause some dupe stress or plant stress. Liquid pressure is similar and may cause tile leakage or break.

Hope that helps.

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8 minutes ago, Waoling said:

Thank, but how can I know how much pressure is in the area? 

A mouse hover should indicate the element and the pressure. I don't think we have pressure layout now in ONI.

9 minutes ago, Waoling said:

And how does plumbing work? I don't how how to use it.

For liquids, you need to research the liquid pump and connect the pipes and power. For gases, you should use gas pumps with pipes and power. You may find some ONI newbie guides from YT. For example, Francis John has a ONI Tutorial Nuggets for ONI newbies. 

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3 hours ago, Waoling said:

Thank, but how can I know how much pressure is in the area? And how does plumbing work? I don't how how to use it.

There are no 'pressure' in this game. It is important to understand some of its mechanics. In this magical world no pressure exists.

But mass have special effects, to imitate pressure from earth physics. First, 4 kg of gas mass create Popped Eardrums effect on unprotected dupes. Second, mass of liquid above it's maximum mass in one tile slowly breaks neighbor solid tiles and dripping through them.

You can view mass of gas by selecting it in a tile

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Plumbing, gas pipes, and conveyor belts (for solids) all work on the same principle: stuff moves from an Output (green or yellow up arrow) to an Input (white down arrow). Because they all work the same I'm just going to refer to them all as "plumbing". There is no concept of "pressure", so once the fluid goes into the pipe it will keep moving until it gets blocked somehow. This allows you to create loops that flow forever without needing any power, which is critical for moving heat around.

Things get a little more complicated when your plumbing has branches -- usually tee (T) joints, but sometimes + joints. Within a particular section of plumbing, you can either have:

  • Multiple outputs flowing together into one input, OR
  • One output flowing to multiple inputs.

Inputs are "greedy". That is, if a packet of fluid can go into an input, it will. This is critical to how players design machines that use Bridges creatively. You can use a bridge to force fluid to flow in a particular direction, divert flow off a plumbing line, prioritize flow from one line over another, selectively bypass a building like a Thermal Aquatuner, or fill up a coolant loop to capacity. Experiment around with using bridges, because once you figure those out you'll be able to design anything. :)

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1 hour ago, Sasza22 said:

The game has a few tutorial videos build in. They have some useful info about the basics like plumbing, morale and heat transfer.

I would recommend watching the in-game tutorials. For the entertainment factor if nothing else, they're pretty funny.

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