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  1. What is improper in current realization of airlock? They work exactly as they should without magic
  2. @mathmanican,can you please create a topic with DO and DON'T for turbine design in current state? There are so many fixes and so much information, partially outdated, spreaded over dozens of comments in different places...
  3. This fix is "historically impossible". At the moment Klei fixes it, people start to complain about 200 dupes and ten thousands of creatures. If Klei make it that far, there will be complains about 1000 dupes and too little regolith falling to feed half million of ShoeVoles. And so on and so on. As long as computers have some finite resources, and game is endless, there will be "end of game lag"
  4. What is a trigger for Ghosts of Gravitas achievement? I make it on some maps as a no-brainer, but on some maps it eludes me. We need some very specific ruin? Or we must do something special in it?
  5. Green Puffs. Squeaky clean. Puffs converse gases to solids. Normal polluted oxygen to slime, Squeaky chlorine to bleach, and Dense oxygen to oxylite
  6. If someone play without care packages and ruins with copper ore hit by boulder - this means they cannot reach asteroid. We need at least one Atmo-suit to launch rocket
  7. In this game metal and ore is not interchangeable. So, if you don't have copper ore - this means you don't have copper ore. Of course, if Klei doesn't change mechanic silently. So, on maps without copper ore Jet is only way
  8. No. Fully enclosed room without door (with tube access, for example) now considered room. Early you need to place door in such rooms, even if you do not need it
  9. Can you manualy send dupe to Exosuit Forge by Move To command?
  10. And why this is a bug? Most geisers in this game hidden, until you dig them
  11. There is related bug with very little amount of cold glass in refinery. Looks at storage, if there is 0 grams of low-temperature glass -- this is that bug. Just empty storage
  12. Does it really mastery? Is his name on tooltip, if you put mouse over crown icon? There is some time between moment large percentage (such as 99.78%) shown as 100% and it really hit full 100% Just couple of seconds passsed while you select debug mode, and he really mastered job. Developers: possibly it will be good idea to allways round this percentage to floor, so only full 100% shows as 100%.
  13. I see four tiny batteries and wire, so decor is about -50 in this place. If outside decor lower than expectation than inner dupe feeling of decor decrease. Number on dupe character sheet is not decor of this place -- it is his inner sense of how good/bad his decor. This number not changes instantly. It changes slowly. It raises, if decor better than expected, and and decrease if decor worse than expectation So, if dupe spend most time in well decorated place and after that quickly walks through some horrible place -- his decor feeling will not stress him. To see real decor value of this place select Decor Overview (it is pot flower icon in top-right corner of screen) and move cursor over dupe position. I think you see numbers well below -35 Developers, possibly it will be good to name it differently in character sheet, to reduce confusion. Possibly "Decor feeling" or "Beauty sense",
  14. BTW, this is usefull feature for meat production. Developers, if you consider this a bug and fix it, please provide some way to automatically kill or drown critters. We can achieve same result with some strange automation and door combination, but current design much simplier. Possibly just warning or putting all drownable critters names in red will be more beneficial?