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  1. You have 3.2 kW consumption on 2kW wire. It is overloaded. 3.2 is more than 2 Can you explain, what is looks wrong for you?
  2. In theory you describing working system. I don't see errors in your description. In practice, as soon as you start using hydrogen rockets, oxygen became a waste byproduct, not needed any more. Also, as you can see, this design called Claymator. It's main purpose to produce clay, oxygen is byproduct. On technologically advanced base your need some way to destroy oxygen or to store infinite amount of it. Of course, you can use same automatics based on clay storage, not oxygen pressure. Another point. Offgasing is random process. You can have a streak of bad luck. I, personally, had once situation of no offgasing for cycles. So, this randomness needs some buffer to compensate. If I remember correctly, it is 0.1% chance per tick and converts 0.1% of water mass. Lets think about numbers. 5 ticks per second, it is averaged one offgasing per 200 seconds and you need 111.11 g/s poxygen per duplicant. It means 22.22 kg per offgasing and 22 tons of water per duplicant. Let's think about 10 duplicants. It means 220 tons of pwater packed in a cell randomly creating 220 kg of po2. bypass pump takes 110 kg away in first moment, so this system jumps from 0 kg to 110 kg in second. Is it really possible to stabilize it by measuring po2 pressure? I don't think so With chances like 1/1000 you nearly never have perfect situation of exactly 2 kg of po2 in airflow tiles zone. it can be a minutes of total vacuum or thousand kilograms if chances rolled quickly one after another. This is unpredictable and extremely volatile. This system throttled by deodorizers. each deodorizer provides 90g/s of oxygen. so you need 11 deodorizers per 10 dups. Is it possible to control it by deodorizers? I don't think so. If you have filled deodorizers, it means you have 320 kg of sand in each, and this amount enough for 2400 seconds of work after you turn sand delivery off. Possibe, but 216 kg of oxygen per deodorizer will be overproduced. If you stop water delivery, you stop delivery of 10 kg/s to a buffer of 220 tons. You can stop it in any time simultaneously with any other way to stop Claymator -- it is not precise by any means. So only way we have is close oxygen area, and measure oxygen going to base from this system, starting/stopping waterintake simultaneously with air pumps. This entire system is enormous buffer in each of its part, so we can only limits it by controlling output. All other ways don't looks meaningful. But of course you can build it any way you like, and looks like it will be. Possibly you will create a great design, or found some useful tricks in process. Practice is a best measure
  3. You can switch off bypass pump, but it doesn't do anything with already pumped gas. If you have 1000 kg of po2 in airflow tiles they will convert to o2 after pump stopped. And this is a lot of o2 This contraption uses overpressurized pwater, so each offgasing will create tons of po2 and bypass pump take about half of in one pass. So my question is, what is purpose of turning it off? Possible best solution is stops getting away oxygen, not stopping.production
  4. Why not start your own topic? If you really want to talk about it -- talk. "Don't be marauder, if you call yourself rebel". Well, this is not a game to play from phone. Yes, there are possibly dozen or two of players who really play it on two different computers not linked by one of hundred other ways. But to spend developers time implementing yet another dropbox or google drive substitution is not efficient. Obviously, it doesn't work "out of the box", it is not well documented and not really light, so they remove it from release. And it is right decision, all other games I play don't even bother to try to support with "cloud thing". As you say, every other game DON'T support it
  5. As we can see, oil well build to sustain gases at high pressure
  6. What is improper in current realization of airlock? They work exactly as they should without magic
  7. Are you sure this data actual? I'm certain I get Shove Vole Pup from printer couple of times, but they are not in your list
  8. grid data == circuit data, sorry English isn't my native language Do you have empty batteries on other side of transformers? I mean, if you have generator, battery, transformer, another battery then this another battery will be charged first, leaving battery, placed before transformer, empty until all batteries on other side fully charges
  9. Is it really works? Rocket overheats a lot of tiles below it, Even if it is works you just spend energy cooling rocket exhaust Sorry, I reacted on first post before reading all comments
  10. You try to change developers mind by making useless comments about useless feature in every topic? I hope you stop soon Power producing of sollar pannels is ever-changing. It depends on day time, covered tiles, liquids and gases above it etc. So if you have solar panels in you grid, nobody can say what power was produced in previous tick. Situation you shows (0 battery with grid surplus) is often happens just after meteorite doors opens. Also all transformers have small inner battery and some seconds needed to recharge them, (if they became empty) causing wrong numbers in grid data
  11. BTW, you can cool forge by liquid on the floor, just not use a "debris base tile" for this, use any other. Content of building is considered debris on one of tiles(usually central tile, or left of two central), this tile must be insulated, but all others can be in liquid
  12. Without any screenshots or even explanation of your situation, we can only guess about your problem. Formally, answer must be "Oil well release only natural gas, not steam" but this is obviously not the answer you are looking for. So, my guess is, your oil well very hot and it boils water inside. Oil well doesn't consume water while it waiting for pressure release. So, if you pipe set to 500 g/s this is good only as long as your oil well consume water (btw, well consume 1 kg/s). Simplest solution is to keep oil well "cold". If you don't use already overheated water, oil will be produced at 90C, so just let oil well be submerged in it's own oil, and short temperature spike of natural gas will not heat up oil well and ton of oil above 100C
  13. @mathmanican,can you please create a topic with DO and DON'T for turbine design in current state? There are so many fixes and so much information, partially outdated, spreaded over dozens of comments in different places...
  14. Couple more ideas. Try to evade T-shaped pipe connections. It may working perfectly for thousand cycles, but one day in a future, seven screens away from this place you connect your pipes in some specific way -- and gas stop flowing because game cannot calculate proper direction of this flowing. So if in some local area you can make it "one output way" -- do it. In this design You can connect output from third pump directly to the input of bridge over second pipe, so each segment of pipe has only one input and one output. This is not needed and not mandatory in any way, but it can save a lot of headache in far away future, because as you can see all this pipes very quickly became some monstrous spaghetti. Another one. Now you "have alot of excess oxygen and excess hydrogen". What happens to this system if there are too much hydrogen and it overfills chamber and go into oxygen pipes? What happens if there are too much oxygen and it overfills and go to hydrogen pipes? There are tons of things you can do to make it safe, but the simplest of them all -- just add a Gas Pipe Element Sensor on pipe and connect simple Automated Notifier to it -- this way you at least will know about problem.before things get really messy You have broken Electrolyzers. This means some wrong liquid come to them. It can be easily avoided. Just add a liquid pipe element sensor to detect water and put Liquid Shutoff just after it, So, if water in pipe shutoff is open. And make pipe to pass by this shutoff to liquid vent, so if there are something else in pipe, then shutoff stay closed and this other liquid just pass by it and drop on a floor