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  1. Okay. Read spoiler Do you reach surface of asteroid in vanilla game? Then you must have two Log Entries in encyclopedia. 'Surface Breach' appears after reaching space biome, and some time after that 'Calculation Complete'. Read them carefully I don't remember exactly, what is a trigger for 'The Shattered Planet' log entry, possibly just time after discovery, possibly sending ship to it. But it has useful bits of information too.
  2. Well, you are asking for spoiler. Here it is: And you must at least play to Cycle 1500 to have all parts of puzzle And no, we are not rebuilding humanity. We are colonizing faraway cosmic object. But spoiler again:
  3. There are no 'pressure' in this game. It is important to understand some of its mechanics. In this magical world no pressure exists. But mass have special effects, to imitate pressure from earth physics. First, 4 kg of gas mass create Popped Eardrums effect on unprotected dupes. Second, mass of liquid above it's maximum mass in one tile slowly breaks neighbor solid tiles and dripping through them. You can view mass of gas by selecting it in a tile
  4. And why 'Chlorine -- Lead gas -- Liquid Tungsten' works better than 'Chlorine -- Liquid Tungsten' ?
  5. After update my turbines start to produce water at 10kg/s. Is it bug, or something changed in mechanic? As I think it was 1.6 kg/s with 4 open ports before update
  6. How? Possibly it will be good idea to manage overfill pipe in same way you manage liquid selection? So, overfilled supercoolant go back into supercoolant pool? Also, entire pipes of this liquid must be somehow emptied. Isn't it a way simpler to copy five such schemes for five liquids?
  7. But what cools lead gas? Another question, What is the purpose of all this tempshift plates? Thermal mass? Is thermal mass really helps?
  8. But what magical force cool down tungsten then? I tried to use CO2, but not played long enough to tell Also I tried L-shaped capsule (one tile of chlorine, two tiles of CO2 horizontally) I try to explain. Molten steal heats up diamond. Diamond heats up chlorine. Flaking happens. Now we have liquid tungsten and it must be cooled by 6C to became solid. Also flaking instantly drops temperature of chlorine. And cold (relatively) Chlorine cool down tungsten. And cycle repeats. This system works, but somehow slowly accumulates heat. And at some points, chlorine, after cooling, come back to flaking temperature faster than tungsten cool down. And I will have a pond of molten tungsten with 3406C (0.1C above solidifying) Strangely, I never had this problem while using older method, with pool of liquid steel and naphta-tricked pump. It happens only after i change to reservoir-on-diamond method
  9. 15 kg total, or per tile? It cannot be 2 kg total, because ~1.5 per tile is a minimum for flaking No, it doesn't work this way. Tungsten by itself is hot. Chlorine drops in temperature and solidify tungsten Okay, then I think it is just for esthetic and symmetry
  10. How many chlorine in capsule for such temperatures, and how hot it became after some usage? I usually build flakers as soon as I refine 1200 steel for AT. And my main problem with steel-based flakers, after some hundreds of cycles, chlorine became too hot and heat up back too fast, not allowing tungsten to solidify. And its on 3450C How it works with 5000C ? How hot chlorine became? What is a purpose of insulated tile above abyssalite?
  11. Can you provide some use case? How much liquid you want to measure? for how many launchers? They have just 1200 kg limit, so two counters looks like overkill. Without understanding of task, it is hard to provide meaningful solution So far, you can remove shutoff. Create an overflow loop, so overflow packets come again to meter, before new liquid. On two segments of pipe before meter put sensor-not-vent to drop any packets except selected on sensor
  12. Can you explain, please, what exactly you try to achieve? So far it looks for me as trying to emulate simple water reservoirs with airlocks Also, you don't need shutoff, meter is shutoff by itself
  13. Thank you It is very old automation, before 'Below' was added to critter sensors, yes? And is it just sends a hatches fast, or is it keeps them for some time? How long filters is?
  14. Most of people, who consider mergedown version unplayable, observe dramatic slow down after mergedown update. For me it was from 30 fps to 7.