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  1. [Game Update] - 389761

    This fix is "historically impossible". At the moment Klei fixes it, people start to complain about 200 dupes and ten thousands of creatures. If Klei make it that far, there will be complains about 1000 dupes and too little regolith falling to feed half million of ShoeVoles. And so on and so on. As long as computers have some finite resources, and game is endless, there will be "end of game lag"
  2. As you can see, bypass is longer. And bypass have this two bridges construction, to make some buffering space and prevent clogging. This is exactly as you say
  3. Two bridges create a buffer of two pipe segments to fix rarely occuring problems with pipe clogging. Main route through bypass also filled with coolant, so there are no gaps in normal situation. If AT works, bypass not used - this configuration prioritize AT loop
  4. But why hatchlings don't die under door in so long time? Another question, what's the meaning of column to the left of pressure plate? Can we just make this construction one cell thinner by removing it? (I perfectly understand, this was survival build, and it can be imperfect)
  5. Can you please provide amount of liquid under doors and timing? How long door must be closed to force hatches moving but not make them drown?
  6. Sour gas boiler 10kg/s

    You can try to reduce amount of Tempshift Plates in heat exchangers to make temperature more "layered". In liquifying zone there are automation wire bridge. Why? And most important thing: if it works for couple of hundreds cycles, it is good enough build. Everything else is optimisation, and this is endless path
  7. Can you please tell, What liquids You prefer, why, and how much of each?
  8. Water Sieve is bug?

    Possibly, there was sand from cold biome. After you deconstruct Sieve this sand drops out and after reconstruction dupes reload Sieve with warm sand from some other place Another possibility is cold p.water was cleared and became too cold clean water. It was send to output and freeze in pipe. But pipe breaks before all 5 kg leaves system, so technically this water was stuck in green output port of Sieve, waiting for pipe. You fix pipe - output port sends water down it and freeze again. Sometimes it takes multiple fixes for a pipe to let all 5 kg of ice out of it
  9. Empty boosters adds heat anyway? Great! Thank you for information
  10. How you refill boosters? Or this screenshots made before unlimited boosters was fixed?
  11. Water Sieve is bug?

    'No' for most buildings. Materials in internal storage considered debrices on bottom left-center cell of this building (often this is a cell with power connector) As all debrices they slowly exchange heat with gas or liquid in this cell and with tile under this cell. So, you can see one isolated tile under equipment, or mesh tile with vacuum in this exact place, to isolate building content
  12. Water Sieve is bug?

    Please, don't call for Klei to fix your problems In your save game you have lots of hot machinery (including Sieve itself). In your base it is surrounded by CO2. CO2 transfer heat very slowly, so this heat mostly stay with them. But there are some blobs of other gases (blob of hydrogen seen on screenshot), and this blobs just moves randomly. If hydrogen come in contact with Drive at 42°C, it transfers this heat to nearby objects, also to water stored inside Drive. Water became hotter. After that this 5 kg of hot water mix in pipe with another packet of water, becaming 10 kg of warm water. This is just mechanic
  13. Baby's First Rocket

    One of important thing to remember, is multilingual of community. Your words, literally translated to another language by Google may sound harsh, opponent response literally translated to English my be even worse, and we have two good persons offended by one another just by translation mistakes
  14. Sometimes lore of the game come in very morbid jokes. I just understand one of them. It is "Red Dwarf" asteroid in game. Lets think about it. "An M-class star orbited by clusters of extractable aluminum and methane" Small star on Earth's orbit, surrounded by refined aluminum and organic remnants… Now we know a fate of Gravitas reactor after meltdown. And fate of most living personnel, now presented as organic remnants in form of fossil, and partially evaporated and available as methane. Sad story
  15. Robo miners is a one way. Another way is let magma to solidify inside of mesh tile. As liquid, magma can be inside such tile, but cannot create tile inside tile, so it solidify as debrices and this debrices will be pushed away from mesh. Also, by putting other tiles around, you can force debrices to be pushed away to the cell you want them to be